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For this reason, since a year ago, Miriam Yolanda Alvarez of Joy has promoted the training of six puppies to help safeguard the population in case of an earthquake as in the Center of the country or other circumstances.

The coordinator of the group of dogs from search and rescue to the State Association of Fire fighters in the State of Sonora shared The Sun of Hermosillo in 2008, he started this initiative, but for lack of resources ceased to exist.

The member, already with 20 years of experience in the Fire Department, added that it was the group of six teams (the rescue dog and his handler) called “K-sar Fire Hermosillo”.

The grouping worked and trained in various municipalities of Sonora, as well as outside of the entity to provide its services, as did the Golden Retriever Isaac, which was discontinued in 2016.

“Isaac did a lot of research-positive, participated in quite a few searches, but was discontinued last year and died of cancer, currently there are new dogs, but most are puppies Belgian Shepherd Malinois and other Golden Retriever”, he mentioned.

Its main task was to find individuals in collapsed structures, he detailed, in Hermosillo the canes supported especially in the location of people who were swept away by the currents of water during the rainy season.

On the closure of “K-Sar” said don’t know the exact reason for its cancellation, but it could be due to the lack of financial support in the municipalities where they were distributed binomials or that it was not necessary to a search team of this type.

“I don’t know if it was because of resources or because they aren’t interested in the program, here all the time say that nothing is going to happen and we are already seeing that it does happen and is necessary,” he said.

A new beginning

Despite this background, he stated that a year ago, along with others interested in boost again this grouping of rescue came to the Board State Fire marshal, as well as to the Firefighters Association to request a new opportunity and re-form the team, which happened.

For this reason, currently preparing to six pups distributed throughout the State in specialized topics, such as finding a land of individuals may be lost, either in the desert, mountains, collapsed structures or in the water.

Due to the fact that in Sonora there are no certified trainers in these topics, he commented that they have to ask for the help of specialists from outside or they have to go to other entities or countries.

Because they don’t have the people and contributions sufficient to develop this activity sought the support of the population of the sonoran and so as to achieve to promote the training of dogs so that in case of contingencies, these can participate in the rescue of the affected.

For more information about clustering and how to help, provided your account Facebook: Miriam Alvarez, in addition to the phone 6623648531.

Alvarez Joy has several years of experience working with dogs due to her specialty, since in the 80’s graduated as a technique in animal health and agriculture, therefore, has knowledge in animal husbandry.

As part of his career, he emphasized his work as a vet, which combined with their taste for helping people as a fire and what led her to create a group of rescue dogs in Sonora.

In training

His partner is Chase, this is a Belgian Shepherd Malinoa one year of age, which is in the process of adaptation and socialization to be able to participate in the rescue of people.

Told that Chase is very fast, which form part of the characteristics of the dogs of search and rescue because they are very specific due to the actions that they perform during the services.

The dog rescuers have to be middle-aged, not so large nor so small because they must move fast, get to certain nooks and jumping.

“Must not be too large because sometimes the driver has to load or sometimes they themselves must be going to the places where they are likely to be those who are lost,” said the fire who left her job as a veterinarian, to devote himself completely to this work and help the population.

Rescue canine

There are six puppies in Sonora being trained for search and rescue of people

Two canes are located in Hermosillo, while the rest are in San Luis Río Colorado, Nogales, Navojoa and Alamos.

In 2008 started activities “K-be Fire Hermosillo” group of six rescue dogs, but this was closed

In 2016 was a poor Isaac, a Golden Retriever and one of the last dogs to rescuers, which died later due to cancer

The Board State Fire, Firefighters Association, as well as COAT and Dog Leg support this initiative, but require more help

To join the team, the dogs need to be quick, middle-age, neither large nor small, and be sociable

6623648531 phone for more information about clustering


“The board of trustees of the firefighters ‘ association, we opened the door, but we need more support to work with these animals requires of people and food, even as we are supporting organizations dedicated to the protection of pets”

Miriam Yolanda Alvarez Joy

Coordinator K-sar Fire Hermosillo

Canine Association Malaga

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