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The humane Society rescued 46 dogs in South Korea that they were going to be killed and later to be consumed by human beings. This in fact occurred in one of the more than 17 thousand farms that exist in the asian country to raise this type of animals. The dogs are being moved in these moments to us soil, the city of New York, as reported by Emol.

The farm is located in Goyang, north of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. “Looked more like a dungeon, there was little light and almost no ventilation, so that the stench of ammonia solution was to cry the eyes of those who travel to the place,” said Kelly O’meara, the protective, and added that “you could see eyes that looked at one, but it was hard to distinguish the dogs themselves in the dark”, appropriated the means of communication.

The dogs that were rescued will be available for people who want to adopt once you have taken the relevant tests health and behavior. Among the breeds of dogs include spaniels, maltese, chihuahua and even a Saint Bernard.

It should be recalled that, according to what reported by Emol, more than 2 million dogs are slaughtered every year in this country for food.

March 27, 2017

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