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SOUTH KOREA.- After that group protectors of animals, reiterated his criticisms of the practices of the well-known market Moran, it implemented new rules for the sale of meat this week, dogs for human consumption become to be controversial.

These measures arise after the residents of the city of Seongnam is bothered by the noise and the smell; although the authorities also seek to avoid the controversy that can cause the consumption of dog meat, since the country will host the Olympic Winter Games in 2018. South korea took similar measures for the olympics in Seoul 1988, and the football world cup in 2002.

Activists animal rights activists have condemned the conditions of the market, one of the most emblematic in the sale of this type of meat. CARE, association for the protection of animals, released a statement Wednesday making it clear that this meat will still be available in the market Moran, despite the fact that the newspapers say otherwise. Only will be exhibit dogs alive, and kill them in front of everyone.

There are different estimates on the number of dogs that die every year in South Korea, some reports say that they need up to 2.5 million dogs. For a population of close to 50 million koreans, this is a small number, but the concern of activists is large, in addition to the practice is rejected by foreigners with western customs.

The government of the city of Seongnam announced last December that the slaughter and butchery of dogs would be banned in 2017, so that the 22 local that sell this product should be closed for may.

The vendors in the market have kept dogs alive in cages, so customers could choose what they wanted, and then kill him right there. According to the newspaper Korea Heralden a year were sold around 80,000 dogs for human consumption. With the implementation of the new rules, consumers no longer going to be able to see to the dogs, nor to witness the killings.

Organizations in pro of the animals and the foreign press give the impression that dog meat is abundant in Korea, but in reality it is not so. The average person just eats a dog in a full period of 81 years, while eating 21 pounds of pork, 11 kg of chicken and 10 kgs of meat a year, according to a government report published in 2015.

Then, where does it begin this tradition? The answer is: far from the urban areas of South Korea. The style of life in places such as Seongnam is very different to that of Seoul, Busan, and other major cities.

In rural areas people are likely to buy the food and clothing in open air markets than in shopping centres. The TWENTY-first century appears not to have come to these provinces, while large cities are full of shops of cell phones and on every block you will find a restaurant open 24-7.

The attitude of the koreans about the dog meat varies a lot. The rural and urban areas, rich and poor, old and young people are strongly divided. Traditionally, the elderly living in urban areas are not opposed to eating dog, they say that it is part of the Korean culture.

On the other hand, the urban population, which ever is greater, he feels disgust for the dog-meat, and is more likely to gain the picture of a puppy to Instagram to eat.

A study by Gallup Korea published in 2015, says that only 17 percent of the population, around 20 years of age has tried dog meat during 2014, compared with 39 percent of the citizens of the 50 that it has been done, and a third of respondents over the age of 60 years.

The perception of dog meat has changed mainly because of the changes that occurred in the last 50 years. During the TWENTIETH century, the population of the country suffered from famine, foreign invaders and dictators.

Before the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Korea was among the lowest in the world, and now, you have a high level in quality of life, according to different measurements. After that South Korea fought to get out of poverty, the necessity of eating dog meat has decreased, while social censure increased.

.The mayor of Seongnam, Lee Jae-myung, a star political ascent, said in a press conference two months ago that he is concerned about the image that gives Korea to accept the practice of eating dog. “The city of Seongnam will take the initiative to transform the image of South Korea, because the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals”, said Jae-myung.

For the koreans of old, these new measures are an unfamiliar and intimidating. The concern on the part of the butchers dog of the market Moran has increased as well earn their living.


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