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There is news that put us in bad feelings, that make us the peel quite, a few that fill us with hope and others that give us the urge to buy a heat gun and apply the divine justice. According to the latest study of the Fundación Affinity, more than 137,000 dogs and cats were abandoned last year in Spain, a similar figure to that of 2015, but confirms to us that evolution was something that only worked for Darwin to sell books, because the reality is responsible for desmentirlo.

In particular, the ‘civilized’ human iberian abandoned 104.447 dogs and 33.335 cats that ended up being picked up by animal protectors. For this reason, the actual number of animals could have been even greater. Such abandonment of animals is a concern, and even more that do not maintain and increase the downward trend of the last eight years”, stated the director of the foundation, Isabel Buil. But the worst thing is that around 7% of them never find who I adopted and will be euthanized: nothing less than 9.590 animals.

One of the main reasons why so many spaniards do not cut a hair to the time of leaving his friend hairy in a gas station is, according to Buil, that “our Civil Code makes that the animals are susceptible of appropriation and of free disposition on the part of their owners”. Let that in the Spain of the XXI century our Chispi, Moon, Blackie, Roski, etc… are considered as ‘things’ and not as living beings who feel, who suffer, who are cold and that, surely, you never cease pulled.

So while waiting for the spaniards to evolve, and paint that we will need for quite a few years for that, the Foundation Affinity and the Observatory for Justice and Animal Rights are still working to update our Civil Code , and that our pets don’t pay the consequences of our divorce, labor problems, or that simply we do not like that they have needs such as playing, eating, shitting, or to communicate (yes, communicate with barking, and more if you don’t do it or fucking case). If someone has to pay that is the owner, isn’t it?.

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