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11 June 2017 – 00:00 Last night they came to three dogs belonging to the ACCEC. The actions on the finding will be developed in the neighborhood racing circuit and its surroundings.

Last night, around 11, on a plane, came to the national delegation belonging to the Civil Association School Canine Catastrophe (ACCEC) along with three of the dogs specialized. The goal is to look more carefully to the young Paola Mariana Alvarez, who disappeared 38 days in Salta capital. In charge of the operation will be the Search and Rescue Group from Salta, directed by John Abán.

«We are a delegation of the ACCEC, last night came a specialized group, and this time they brought three dogs tracking and specific detection of corpses. It is of sniffer dogs, one of which fulfils the specific function of following a particular scent, while the other two are specially trained and prepared for any odor source in a state of decomposition,» he said to The chief Captain John Abán.

Between the specialized groups that will come from Buenos Aires, Salta, next to the provincial Police, in addition to other areas that contribute to an interdisciplinary work in the pursuit of unravelling the whereabouts of the young woman of 21 years, shall join efforts to determine the steps to follow in search function that you could start today. «We have to see what the points are set by the Police to work on it, what they have been doing on the basis of different hypotheses, and according to what they tell us we will carry out our work,» said Abán.

The manager of the Group of Rescue of salta, today in the morning hours will be a crisis committee from among the personnel of the Search and Rescue Group Jumps, along with police, salta, to identify areas of search. «We have understood to be searched in the area where he lived one of the suspects, we will intensify also in the surrounding areas,» said the technician in bailouts, in allusion to the search that will be conducted at the neighborhood racing circuit and its surroundings.

From the 5 of may

The last time that you knew something of Paola was the 5 of may to the early morning hours, according to the investigation, at that time the young man had been with Santiago Zambrani, her boyfriend, in a tenancy in the neighborhood Racetrack where the main suspect was rented. After the arrest of Zambrani, on the 10th of may, and then arrested his parents: Alfredo Francisco Zambrani and his wife, Amelia Inés Huergo. After investigated and requested by the criminal prosecutor of the cause, Ramiro Ramos Ossorio, are deprived of their freedom for the crime of unit-holders necessary in the same crime against Alvarez.

Some arguments to stop the parent that took to deliver to his son, who in reality was carried by one of their brothers, while the mother is detained for trying to hide his son.

Last great quest

According to Abán, manager of the group salteño search, the last action carried out in Salta was the finding of the civil engineer Luis Aguirre, whom they found without life on the banks of the river, with half their body inside the water and upside down, in the finca Punta Spanish, Lesser, San Lorenzo.

The group salteño dedicated to the search of people in different areas, lands, air and water, he also worked on the search of the Apple trees, where it disappeared a grandfather that to date still does not appear; in the case of Marcela Mamaní and in the fact of a man crushed by corn after the explosion of a silo way to The Island.

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