Sterilised around 1,000 pets every month – THE DUTY

A campaign of sterilization is part of the actions that face the municipality cruceño as part of the plan of prevention against canine rabies. It aims to submit to surgery to 1,000 dogs during each month and for this you will have a budget of one million bolivianos.

Fernando Mustafa, secretary of municipal health, said that they are looking for funds to tackle this project, although he has made it clear, that yes it will because it is a matter of public health.

This plan is ready to be submitted to the Council and it is planned to run from the next month. «We’re going to do a sustained campaign, and that will be free. Will be the that the city will cover the expenses», he emphasized.

Before such announcement, the director of the Society for the protection of Animals (Soprama), Sandro, Fernández, does the demand for the municipality to hire veterinary surgeons and professionals who are carrying forward this process «so that people will have greater confidence to bring their pets».

With the execution of this campaign is thought to reduce the dog population, according to numbers spoken by the same Mustafa, can reach 500,000 animals, an amount for others exorbitant for the amount of population the city has.

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Remember that in the last few weeks flashed alarm at the increase in reported cases of dogs infected with this evil and where it has had to mourn the first death so far this year -a 14-year old- because of this disease.

As an immediate reaction, this Sunday , may 14, there will be a mass vaccination in all districts of the city. Will be up to 14,000 people, including veterinarians, municipal staff, academics and volunteers, who participate in this initiative

There are approximately 800,000 vaccines for the whole department, of which 400,000 are for the capital city.


To have an effective control and prevent the spread of your pet, take into account the following:

– avoid vaccinating your pet if this is ticks since they do not have the desired effect.

– The animals should receive four doses until the year of age: the first of the month of birth, the second to the third month, the third to the sixth, and the fourth at the meet a year. After you accomplish this, you should be vaccinated twice a year.

– Once vaccinated you must confine the dog at least 21 days, the length of time necessary for the vaccine to take effect and will generate the antibodies in the pet

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