Sucre. Mayor seeks the cruel poisoner of dogs –


The Municipality finds the poisoner of dogs

VOLUNTEERS. The puppy of the picture fighting for his life after being assisted.


The volunteers managed to save four dogs by taking them to the Veterinary Romavet and did a rakes by vicinity of the parque Bolivar, throughout the day, to collect corpses of birds and vomiting of the animals, where they also found meat of chicken and pork with poison.

After the cases reported on Saturday and yesterday, Sunday, the Mayor’s office are searching for the poisoner of dogs. Together with the Association for the protection of Animals San Roque laid a complaint at the public Prosecutor’s office to the research respective, because the margin of the great suffering of the animals killed with the poison, its use represents a danger to the public health.

Yesterday they were removed three dogs more in the Simon Bolivar park, the volunteers managed to save four and until last night they attempted to do the same thing with the other that was fighting for its life.

To avoid the poisoning of other animals and people, officials of the Pawl of the Emergency together with volunteers from San Roque, they emptied the water of the pool where the dogs come to take the liquid and disinfected the place, said the director of Communication of the Mayor, Boris Barroso.

The holder of Environment of the Mayor’s office, Alexis Montellano, confirmed that in two days someone poisoned ten dogs, some doves and other birds in the area of Faith and Joy and the parque Bolivar.

Montellano, which ruled out the case of Villa Charcas, reported that he sent the remains of the canes to Zoonoses, and the Institute of Forensic Research, to make a postmortem examination of the corpses of the dogs, to identify the poison used, it is presumed, is an organ phosphorous.

He said that they will ask the Police for a thorough investigation by the review of cameras, interviews with neighbors and others, to find the perpetrators and punish them. “The staff of the department of Environment will support the Police,” he said.

In addition, will carry out two immediate actions: an operation of control and monitoring of points of sale of poisons and to draw up a project to place chips to the pets in 2018, beginning in District 1, so that each owner will respond by your pet.

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