Sucre: Reported poisoning of animals –

They report that 10 dogs and 12 birds were affected in the capital of Bolivia.

Ref. Photography: The dogs were affected by the poison in the city of Sucre.

The responsible of the Municipal Center of Zoonosis of Sucre, Carlos Téllez, reported that between Saturday and Sunday, were poisoned 10 dogs and 12 birds in two sectors of the city, in a case of biocidio which was referred to the office of the Prosecutor for the Department of Chuquisaca. “Zoonoses of Sucre and the Prosecutor’s office Department began a thorough investigation to discover the author or authors of the mass death of animals by poisoning, the Saturday poisoned seven dogs and five pigeons, and on Sunday, three dogs and seven birds, including pigeons and birds; it is a case of biocidio”, he explained.

Seek to find those responsible. Téllez said that this fact came in the area of Faith and Joy, at the end of avenida Jaime Mendoza; and in the vicinity of the parque Bolivar. “Is the complaint and may be identified responsible persons, we will check the security cameras and we will proceed to the laboratory tests, to know what ate these animals,” reported the responsible.

The figures could be increased. Téllez said that the numbers could increase, taking into account that several dogs are seizures, probably because of the poison.

“Here, in the park Bolivar also poisoned the dogs, just imagine, is near the Children’s playground, several puppies are found having seizures; they are poisoning dogs all over”, warned the director of the Protective Association of Animals, Villma Chavarria ABI.


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