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Suggest not to use collars in German shepherds - El Mundo Newspaper (press Release) (Registration) (blog) 1

Added that part of the cuidos is the power. / D. Garcia

“The German shepherd, or any dog needs this, it is a disaster and it is something very common, it is our responsibility to advise that this (the necklace) should not be used,” explained Duran in a seminar organized by the Salvadorian Association of the German Shepherd (ASPA) on raising and control of canine diseases.

Article 18 of the Law on the Protection of Animals, indicates that the training centers “must base its work on the use of techniques that facilitate the coexistence and good performance of the animals through appropriate methods involving physical and psychological abuse”.


In that sense, the president of ASPA, Roberto Espinal believes that the best way to train a dog is through the stimulus and to the game. “We work our dogs on the basis of stimuli, to prize, to love, we do not use instruments that may damage the health of the dog such as collars, spikes and electrical,” he said.

Among some of the physical damages that cause the necklaces are lesions of the spinal cord, crushing of the trachea and asphyxia, partial or complete, and in the sense, emotionally, this can cause aggressiveness.

Raising healthy

The presentation of Duran spin around how to raise a healthy dog under the concept of responsible breeding. “Breed is not only multiply, it is the commitment to improve,” said the uruguayan after explaining that the key points for the development and growth of a dog are the factors of nutrition, management and health.

In regards to nutrition, the vet explained that it is essential that the animal eat balanced meals of good quality so that the body weight is balanced and according to the age. “A excessive body weight overload the skeleton, and the most striking result of the problem is the claudication and the pain,” he said.

The training of the canine form part of the second factor: the management. Durán reiterated that the training of dogs must be done by the middle of the game, that is to say educate in a positive way, by rewarding their behavior without being punitive, as set out in article 12, letter “a” of the abovementioned law: “do Not cause abuse, cruelty or unnecessary suffering to their animals.”

A final key factor for development is the health, which must take into account the health control, immunization, environmental hygiene and the premises where the dog develops. The literal b of article 12 of the Animal Protection Law stipulates that the responsible person must “keep the animal with well-being, physical conditions and appropriate sanitation, by providing accommodation, food, water and shelter”.

“To protect animals is basic but this requires a culture, an education, and as ASPA we want to say to the breeders of other breeds that may also choose to have healthy dogs that can be enjoyed and not mistreat them,” said Spinal

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