Suggested return of boarding kennels in Uruguay – Second Approach

Uruguay.- The holder of the portfolio of animal Husbandry of the Republic of Uruguay, Tabaré Aguerre, said recently that the number of dogs in the territory charrúa “is grossly disproportionate“.

In the nation there are 1.742.000 canes in 820.000 homes, according to a survey released in the past month of may by Teams Consultants.

According to published on the portal The Country of Uruguay, to lead a surveillance of these animals, the authorities promote the placement of an integrated circuit (chip) on the pet with the data of interest of the owner and an address.

Let’s get to what everyone is questioning: what happens to the dogs that no one installs the chip. When give this scenario, we will need to generate a mechanism, we’ll need to immobilize it to the dogs”, the official said at a press conference.

Upon being questioned about the possibility of returning to the old “kennel”, she replied: “I Think the drawback is that the kennel interpreted as a machine-killing dogs was wrong”, but appreciated the kennel as “a tool to put order in the society when an animal is not enjoying a fork responsible and will be held in some place”.

Dog kennels, municipal corporations where the dogs were euthanized if no person claimed, ceased to exist in the year 2009, after a strong indictment of the protective, which culminated with the legislation on animal welfare.

Aguerre was suggested to take them back to achieve to compress the huge population of animals. The drawback of the loose dogs in Uruguay it is “serious” for the 51% of the population, and “very severe” to the 34% reported by the recent survey.

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On the other hand, the Ministry of Livestock, cemented last week the provision of the sacrifice of animals productive in certain contexts, as the glimpse of an article of the Accountability Assessment of the Congress.

The paragraph 84 of the document detailing that authorizes the portfolio to proceed to the “culling of the animals of varieties productive” (whether aware or not the owner) who have been suspended by the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal affairs of the nation charrúa.

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