Superhero mom tells me to BACK OFF!!! (But her kittens were so cute).

An army of 4 headed out to this rescue, but just two minutes into it, Loreta and I were called to an extreme emergency rescue (that video is coming up in two weeks). JoAnn and Katie completed this mission beautifully and thanks to them, Mystique, Superman, Aquaman, and Iron man are all safe and are now looking for a home. To adopt them, please contact our friends at Room 8: We would LOVE it if you would help us with a small donation today so we can continue saving more animals. Medical care for animals is so expensive (as I am sure you know), and just $5 from every person here will add up and will help us save them from life on the streets: It's important to understand that the life of a feral cat is usually very short (only 2-3 years). There are so many challenges out there, hunger, cars, predators, and by getting them off the streets and into homes, we increase their lifespan by more than 10 years! Not only their lives will be longer, but they will be happier and healthier because they will be loved and cared for. Please join Hope For Paws today as a team member: Oh, on SATURDAY we have another AMAZING video for you with LOTS OF PUPPIES!!! Thanks, Eldad #HopeForPaws #KittenRescue #CatRescue ASOCIACIÓN CANINA ESTEPONA ANIMAL SHELTER ESTEPONA

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