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LÁZARO CÁRDENAS, Mich., June 19, 2017.-After more than four years of insist on on regulation control and good treatment of dogs and cats in Lazaro Cardenas, this Monday finally approved this request on the part of the governing body of the local municipality.

The Regulations for the Care, Control and Proper Treatment of the Animals Canine and Feline, driven from the start by the Civil Association-Creating Homes of Love For Animals Unprotected (GHAPAD) and from a year ago is joined by other associations of animalistic, managed to be endorsed unanimously during the regular session of the cabildo held this Monday.

Among the most important points that are pointed out, are to regulate the protection and guarantee of the rights of animals, promote life in dignity, to prohibit acts that generate cruelty or pain, to protect from attacks or infections to the population. In addition we will regulate the number of dogs and cats in the street, breeding without permission, selling illegal and street fights.

This, through the creation of the Centre-of-Care Canine and Feline spay / neuter campaigns and awareness-raising, fair, adoptions and donations, integration and participation of the citizen; as well as also there will be economic sanctions according to the offense and arrest up to 36 hours.

With the above, it is achieved by standardizing the law that is already established as secondary to the Penal Code of the state of Michoacan, and in addition opens the possibility to review the issue of public health, pointed out the councillor Judith Carrillo Chacon, the driving of the said regulation to the municipal administration.

Support regulations to control canine and feline LC - Quadratín ... - Quadratín Michoacán 1

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