Taiwan prohibits the consumption of dog-meat and cat – The New Herald

The Parliament of Taiwan banned on Wednesday the consumption of dog-meat and cat-like, bowing to pressure from animal advocates.

The deputies adopted a law that prohibits the consumption, purchase and possession of meat of a dog or cat, under penalty of a fine equivalent to more than $8,000.

The new law increases to two years in prison and a fine of up to $65,000 the maximum penalty for any person to kill or to mistreat these animals, and double for repeat offenders.

“This shows that Taiwan is a country where the society is very concerned for the welfare of the animals,” said Wang Yu-min, author of the bill.

The consumption of dog meat and cat was extended since decades in Taiwan, as in other countries of Asia, but in recent years has declined much.

A series of cases that illustrated the cruelty and mistreatment of dogs and cats allowed-raise the awareness of the population about the need for legislation more protective of the animals.

Last year, the army had to submit apology after the broadcast of a video in which three soldiers tortured and strangled a dog’s bum with a chain of iron. This case provoked demonstrations in the country.

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