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Rio Grande.- Lizeth Paola Gómez García, representative of the association to Help the stranger, for dogs and cats, reported that, after eight years of uninterrupted conduct this work at the facilities of the Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family (SMDIF) of the district, the mayor turned instructions that the support was blocked.

Because they are not people of the “contentillo” mayor Julio César Ramírez, made his journey of sterilization in the public road and New street.

He said that the lock was originated after members of the association complaining of the lack of transparency in the unfolding of the municipal government, “but to get to this situation, aventarnos to the street, it is a sinvergüenzada of the president of the campesino”.

In addition, the association ceased to receive the support of one thousand pesos to be distributed on a monthly basis, with what they bought food for the dogs that are awaiting adoption and are in a shelter enabled in the home of one of the members of the organization.

The days of sterilization to be carried out in a continuous manner in the facilities of the SMDIF, in order to control the canine population in the municipality and had no cost to the owner, due to the coordination with the Secretaría de Salud de Zacatecas (SSZ).

“It is a coward (mayor Julio César Ramírez), desquitar the political with the social, that is, to have no shame, is a coward, seriously, so we are ruling. The supports are not your money; it is money of the people that want to control as if it were their own”.

“The work of the association is not in game, we have a track record that he now wants to stain it, just because we don’t agree in many of their actions,” said the representative.

“At no time was I informed of that campaign of sterilization”

For his part, mayor Julio César Ramírez López denied that at some point he had been notified of the campaign of sterilization canine organized by the association to Help the Pilgrim.

“With all respect, told him that at no time was I informed of this campaign, even, by this means I am learning, in my daily life and more in the public administration we are to serve”, he wrote to NTR Media, through your account of Facebook.

For its part, the SMDIF issued a statement in which he explained that, between the president of honour of the system, Claudia Narayama Ramírez and the representative of the association, María de Jesús Ramírez Luna, they had a meeting where he was informed that there would be provided the classrooms due to the visit of the personnel of the instance state.

“We found it impossible to be able to collaborate with such a request, to which our president invited them to only perform a modification of date to be able to continue working together, but that invitation was rejected by the association, arguing that they would seek some other place, an answer that we accept”.

Help the Pilgrim showed the documents with acknowledgement of receipt in the office of the municipal president, as well as the SMDIF.

In addition, a copy of the agreement of council, where aldermen approved the ministry’s monthly thousand pesos for the purchase of food for pets, the rental of canopy, table and chairs for the weekly activity for the adoption of animals, in the main square.

“But since we had that detail not been met, says not to mix things, but it is the first to put the personal stuff to the public (…)” accused Ramirez Luna.

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