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The NGO only holds organizing activities and with input from private. Announced through an open letter that they are going to try to get a home animals from the shelter and then close. The patience of the volunteers from TAMA seems to be coming to its limit point, the face of the growing number of dogs that are still arriving at the Home and at the same time, the increasing amount of animals loose on the public highway.

Through an open letter to the community, the protector of animals of The Calafate described a complex picture of the timeliness of this issue, where despite efforts, continues to thrive in the dog population.

TAMA is conformed by a group of small volunteers. The association was created “to help the dogs in the street and do awareness campaigns”, they said. “A task that is impossible due to the time demand to sustain the task of a shelter or home working, without receiving cash subsidy”.

The 130 animals that are in the Home TAMA Glaze are maintained exclusively by the initiative of the protective. Close to 40 kilograms of food consumed daily the dogs, which represents an expenditure of about 14 thousand pesos a month, only food. To this must be added the purchase of products for cleaning and disinfection, and the expense of veterinary.

All this is achieved thanks to trade fairs, food, clothing, sweepstakes, and other activities. As well as the contribution of companies, businesses, neighbors, and even their own volunteers, which in addition to their time, should take the silver out of your pocket frequently.

In August 2014 there was signed a convention tripartite between the Municipality, Nation (through the program Pro Tenure) and TAMA. In the third clause of the agreement signed, detailing that the Municipality “will be responsible for the maintenance of the building and of the animals that temporarily there be staying, with regard to your grooming, vaccination, feeding and health status”.

For its part, the protective Association is committed to organize days of adoption with the goal that the animals that are hosted in the home of transit do not remain on him for long periods”.

However, the current functions in the shelter home are distorted. TAMA does not receive the committed support of the state. The Municipality only pays as monotributista to a member of the association, which is responsible for the feeding and hygiene of the dogs. TAMA faces the payment of a young man who helps with the daily tasks.

Against this background and the fact that the dog population continues to grow, is that the protector is announcing the cut in its functions.

“Since we will not accommodate animals, there are no volunteers, there is no physical space, the expenses of food, veterinary and cleaning the we feed with the amount raised and donated by the community. The animal cases that arise in street situation will be assisted with request for help to the community, not taken Home”, they said.

In the open letter highlighted that “The decision is that TAMA stop working adopting all of your animals in transit and to permanently close. TAMA became a reservoir of animals crammed and if it continues to exist this home, the problem will not cease”, stressed. (Now, Calafate)

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