Having dogs in their homes gives them more security, in Toluca – The Graphic

Before the insecurity that prevails and that no one is exempt, it has been observed that in many communities the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Toluca, families prefer to use the dogs to protect themselves from crime, which is a trigger more of the canine overpopulation.

So warned the civil association Partnership for Animal Welfare (Alba) after the attacks of packs recorded in some communities in the capital mexiquense, that have officially claimed the lives of two people and left four other amputees, even though it was unofficially reported four fatalities and more than 20 attacked.

In this regard, Adela Arriaga, a spokeswoman for the civil association, aired that during the tours that this organization for the protection of animals has been carried out in the rural communities of Toluca, it has been noticed that people let their dogs wander in the streets for two reasons.

The first because they don’t have fences in their humble dwellings to avoid stripping and the second for security reasons.

In this situation, it was considered that before the imposition of sanctions more severe than the owners of the dogs in terms of street, it is necessary that the authorities educate its citizens about the responsible ownership.

The government must implement educational programs, to tell the owners: you have to sterilize, vaccinate, care for your dogs and now when informaste you can punish if still the same problem,» he said.

In addition -he added – is you have to offer the population public services, including sterilizations, mass and free, police surveillance, and garbage collection, because due to that there are foods among the debris scattered on the street, the dogs wander in search of it.

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