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TEXCOCO, Mexico.- (Texcoco Press).- In seeking to eradicate the growing animal abuse that has been seen in the municipality of Texcoco, protective animals held a march against the indignities towards the animals to seek to make awareness among citizens and ask for help to the authorities to remove and give to those responsible.

The appointment was at 11 in the morning on the train tracks that are in the avenida Jiménez Cantú; with a white t-shirt and a ribbon purple as distinctive inhabitants that seek to improve the treatment towards the animals arrived with messages that they themselves developed in the paper to make visible their struggle, a struggle by those who can’t speak nor defend themselves.

One of the orgnizadoras, protective, independent, Zayda Laura González Oliva commented, “since 3 or 4 months, we have found dogs stabbed to death, with the eye of the outside, macheteados; then we say enough is enough, simply because they do not have a voice to speak, then we as the protectors of animal we are, will we say to those who like hurt that there are laws and they should pay for that behavior”.

So after 50 minutes of waiting contingent of people from other towns such as Toluca and Nezahualcóyotl, the hike began, but before the people shouted “do not drive over them to dogs, allows the step” trying to make a part of the movement to motorists passing through the area; it should be noted that it is asked not to bring animals to the march.

With respect to attacks that have taken place in the last few months in Texcoco, where several protective independent of them agree that there are more records of the downtown area, Zayda said, “what we know is that it is a group, we don’t know what kind of a group, but they are organizing for mistreating animals, the red foci are San Andrés Chiautla, Tocuila, San Felipe and Texcoco”.

The contingent, made up by 100 people chanted, “stop the abuse”, “the killers will be punished” for the immense calle Juarez, who on a Sunday does not count with great flow of vehicles, but the march was protected by elements of transit; those shouts managed people asomaran through the windows of their homes.

The charge of the hostel MyA adoptions, he added that despite the existence of laws to care for and protect animals in the state, not enforce, and seem to be ghosts, “in addition to seek with the march, which authorities you listen to us and yes it is possible to have a pgr Propaem* in Texcoco, because they don’t always have time to come here, that would give us more support”.

It also exposed the lack of collaboration on the part of municipal authorities and of the Public Ministry, who many times do not listen to the lawsuits filed by abuse, “unfortunately the laws are not followed, we had to go to the PM to raise a claim and they tell us that we can meet,” he said finally Zayda Gonzalez.

The march concluded in front of the presidencia municipal de Texcoco, where the organizers, mostly women, protective independent, read a newsletter about the growing violence against animals in the municipality, and emphasized the importance of educating good human beings, to make the children part of social struggles, in addition to requiring the authorities decent treatment and effective control on the population of street dogs.

*Propaem (Attorney general for Environmental Protection for the State of Mexico)


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