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His tenderness and loyalty of the canine one of the favorite animals to share the home with the family. However, at the time of taking the decision of adopting a dog should take into account a number of situations. In this regard it is important to consider why adopting a dog? Why a dog and not another type of pet?.Also read: why dogs should not eat homemade food?It is important to be clear on what you want and for what you want in a dog. “Do I want a guardian, a pet, playful for my children or a lap dog that you can upload?, are the first questions that needs to be done,” says Corinna Hoberg, of the Canine Association of Nicaragua (Acan).Here is a list of questions that you must answer before you purchase a dog.1. Do I have the responsibility to adopt a dog? When a person decides to adopt a dog should be clear that it is becoming a liability, since it is a living being that requires care, affection and you have needs that you should ensure, such as bathing, feeding, veterinary care, etc 2. What is the race more suitable for me? You must determine what is the breed of dog most suitable, that is to say if it is for someone who lives alone, a couple, a family with children or an elder. In addition to taking into account other aspects such as the space.Read also how dogs understand what we say?3. Do I have the patience necessary? Patience, patience and more patience is the first thing you need, because in the beginning the dog should adapt to their new environment and to you, the same way you will need to adapt to it.4. Do I have the space to have a pet? The space where you are going to develop the dog is important and the house should be sufficient. For example, a large breed dog requires big spaces, so having it in a small house and not having a yard would not be a good idea. In contrast a small breed of personality calm does not require much space.5. Do I have enough time to devote to a dog? Dogs are living beings that demand so much of your love and the time is relevant. Dogs, like children, require attention and spend quality time with them, going to the park to play does not only bring physical benefits but to be able to share time with their master. If, due to work, spends all day outside of the house should set a specific time each day to devote to this new member of your home the time it requires. The organization of your time is the key.6. Who is the mascot? An elderly or children will not cope in the same way that a young person with a large breed dog and restless, so that when choosing the type of dog you should take into account these aspects.7. Does my economic situation allows me to have a dog? Adopting a dog requires income for food, medical care, vaccines, hygiene, etc 8. I know how to feed him? Dogs require adequate nutrition to those who you can’t give them any type of food. It is necessary to be clear about what you should and should not eat a dog, their schedules, the importance of water is information that should be clear before adopting a pet.You may be interested in: The 10 trivia: The dogs Canine Association Malaga

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