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The City Council of Resistance, through the Advisory Board Animal Protection and in conjunction with the various institutions, protective, were held this Saturday in the Laguna Arguello to raise awareness about the importance of adoption, responsible pet. There was free vaccination and parade of pets with disabilities. The president of the Council, Gustavo Martinez, and the selectmen Alicia Frías, Martín Bogado and Gricelda Ojeda were present at the event and announced, along with the judge faults city Alicia Gutierrez, a project that has been working to promote the adoption of stray dogs by the benefit of the tax reduction.


Gustavo Martinez celebrated the success of the conference organized by the Council of Animal Protection: “We from the City Council we are committed to the creation of spaces of participation and this show that gives a result. That is necessary this so that every sector of society is expressed, there is a lot of love for animals and was missing the field where you can combine this action. Today is, and that’s why I commend the council members Alicia Frías and Martin Bogado and to all the entities that comprise the Consultative Council on Animal Protection, which in turn is part of the Legislative Body City”. Anticipated that they will continue the event and the idea is to take them to different areas of the city, working with the operating mobile neutering of pets, and an agreement with the Association of Veterinarians”.


The president of the Council was in charge of announcing the presentation of a project that seeks to encourage people to adopt dogs in the street. First is to study and analyse if they are in a position to take care of a pet, and then the incentive will be through the reduction of taxes if they decide to finalize the adoption. Clarified that provides for a monitoring to confirm that the animal is taken care of and that is not a simulation. “We want to put an effort this year in this initiative, as well as in the ordinance of pyrotechnics, because this is a debt that we have with our pets. We hope that by the end of the year the entire battery of commercialization of rocketry knows that it is forbidden and to avoid this damage to the animals.”

In the opportunity the judge of Misdemeanors municipal N° 1, Alicia Gutierrez, presented to the present the project is working with the Presidency of the Council, councillors and the entities that make up the Council for Animal Protection. An initiative that seeks to reduce municipal taxes to individuals who choose to adopt stray dogs. The benefit proposed by the project is for one year and in addition it will provide balanced food for the pet and will cover veterinary care.

“The aim is to find the incentive of the neighbor,” Gutierrez said, and explained that “what was first should get is that the Judicial Power of the Province to sign an agreement with the Board of Animal Protection in order that, through your team of psychologists to do small interviews with the potential adopters to see if they are eligible to receive in your home a animal. And also if the home is adapted for this. Because we don’t want the reduction of the tax rise to a revived”.


The veterinarian Mariano Almirón was commissioned to provide information on animal care and vaccination, among other things. Then, Sonia Sosa, president of the Institute of Animal Law, College of Lawyers and of The Group “Discas”, talked about animal abuse and presented the “2° Walk for Life”, with which it seeks to raise awareness about the adoption of animals with disabilities. Ana Lopez, a defender of animals, was also part of the speakers and spoke on animal health and welfare. They invited the community to encourage and adopt a disabled:“check that the capabilities of loving and of living are higher that the physical state of these canine companions,” said Sosa.

There were various positions with veterinarians and experts in the topic that informed those present about the pet care and pet adoption.


The mayor Alicia Frías welcomed the high participation of families, and stated that this gives the pattern that “took conscience and the message came about the defense and protection of animal care”. Martin Bogado, councillor for the ARI, emphasized the importance of sharing in family events of this type where there are adoptions, responsible and vaccinations for pets. “We promote this lifestyle and we are to not to buy pets but take,” he explained and highlighted the strong social work that has been done by the Council on this topic. Coincided your couple by the PJ, Gricelda Ojeda, and underlined the importance of these events to bring the community and inform and raise awareness about animal care.


Seattle Portela attended the meeting with his pet “Tyncho”. Found him one night in the center of Resistance after being hit by a motorbike. Despite the fact that the veterinarian warned him that the dog doesn’t have long to live, she and her family decided to adopt him. The love and care they did that to evolve: “Tyncho against the entire panorama is still here, five years ago that is with us, it is part of our life,” he said. Highlighted the day because it “educates citizens about what is necessary to have pets and even more about this situation in particular that is very important.”

Gaul Cardozo came with “Roque”, a little dog that you use a car walker because he was hit by a collective. Adopted him after his accident, “when I was in transit in transit and no one wanted to have it definitely,” he said. She decided to adopt him, and today, recounts his experience: “Roque is everything to me, it is my worship, my baby, I love you”. “I really like this activity because it encourages the adoption, which is so necessary,” he Concluded.


Born from an initiative of the Presidency of the City Council of Resistance and is composed of councillors of the blocks of the ruling party and the opposition, veterinarians, and representatives of various organizations who are working intensely on the proposal protectionist, with the aim of addressing situations related to the problem of street animals, traction of blood, as well as work in the defence of their rights.

Headed by council members Alicia Frías (PJ); and Martin Bogado (ARI) and are part of the judges of the Faults of the Municipality of Resistance, representatives of the Council of Veterinary surgeons of the Chaco, of the office of the Undersecretary for Environmental Health of the Municipality, of the Institute of Animal Protection and Environmental law School in the Chaco, social organizations of animal protection, among which are Foundation free and APACH, Pitbull Chaco, Animal Sanctuary, Association Legislative Solidarity, I Am Animal, Protection, Anonymous and Traces of Dog, among others.

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