The american actress Gillian Anderson. EFE/File – Yahoo Finance Spain

Toronto (Canada), 19 apr (EFE).- The american actress Gillian Anderson requested the canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, put an end to the controversial commercial hunting of seals on the atlantic coast of Canada.

In a letter that was circulated by the advocacy group defending the rights of animals PETA, the actress asked Trudeau to end a practice that «stain» the name of Canada.

«I ask you to put an end to the commercial killing of seals each year on the east coast and that tarnishes the international reputation of Canada,» said the performer, who rose to global fame by her leading role in the television series «X Files».

Anderson recalled that Trudeau has declared that «climate change will challenge our intelligence, our compassion and willingness», and pointed out that «climate change is already decimating» the population of seals for the disappearance of the ice the pups need to live during the first few days of his life.

The commercial hunting of seals on the atlantic coast of Canada started last April 11.

Last year, canadian authorities authorized the hunt of 400,000 seals on the atlantic coast of the country, although the fishermen canadians only killed around 66,000 copies by the lack of demand for products derived from hunting.

In total, the hunting of seals generated last year, only 1.6 million canadian dollars (us $ 1.2 million) to the sector. In 2006, the figure was 34 million canadian dollars (25.5 million u.s. dollars).

The canadian authorities are defending the commercial hunting of seals in the country because it provides additional income to the fishermen of the atlantic coast, and for historical reasons.

But environmental groups have protested for decades against the practice, which they consider cruel.

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of the International Society for the protection of Animals Canada, said in a statement that «almost all the seals killed are only pups with a few weeks of life and are treated brutally».

The organization has said that the policies of the Government of Trudeau’s «are completely out of phase with the values of canadians and the international community» to «defend, fund and promote» the commercial hunting of seals.

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