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The meetings will continue Wednesday with a meeting of councillors at the city of Viedma.

Councillors of different benches policies met Tuesday with members of the protective association of animals to advance in the regulation of the use and sale of pyrotechnics in the Region.

The meeting took place in block Front for Victory, opportunity in which the members of the protective of animals left sitting their refusal to the regulation and asked to move forward on the ban.



Finished the meeting, councilman Marcelo Honcharuk, of the bed The John Sunday, said, “they came with an uncompromising stance, and claimed that they are convinced that you should go for the ban”.


As said, from the association “said that five years ago who are working on the issue and that this is the time to prohibit and not to regulate”.

Anyway, he said the mayor justicialista, “from my point of view I told him I had to go by sections, first the regulation, and the next year we will see if we can move forward on the ban. It is necessary to move gradually,” said Honcharuk.


Meetings with different social actors will continue, which is why this Wednesday just one in Viedma. «We are also waiting for the report that we sent the Fire department of the province of Rio Negro, which will help us to move forward on this topic.”


The couple, commented, «we made inquiries in other cities, as is the case of the capital of Neuquén, where a judge declared unconstitutional the prohibition of the sale of fireworks, but djo that I can prohibit the use. Is medium complicated because a person in the yard of your case can make them with total normality. Continue studying the topic and move forward»

To finish, remarked that “the idea is to listen to all views and then move forward in the preparation of an ordinance for the County, which surely will get us much more than a month.”

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