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Dogs and cats, the loss of their masters them generates stress.

By Aliki Nassoufis (dpa)

A pet can suffer intensely the death of his master, and to experience a strong sense of loss. Often even the animal is left alone and must go to the care of another person. This implies not only a change of owner but also have to get used to a new environment.

Everything will be more easy for this animal if you know beforehand some customs and rituals.

“For the dogs and the cats to lose to his master is a very sharp which causes a strong stress”, explains Marius Tünte of the humane Society of Germany. In addition, many times this loss is accompanied by a change of home.

“The animals are soon in an unfamiliar environment and with people is also unknown. Pets suffer a lot by the changes and missing their former owners,” he says.

“The animals also do grief. What we hear very often,” says Tünte. The typical symptoms of grief are not eating and was listless. “A way to make them more tolerable loss is to surround objects that you know, such as toys and baskets”.

The same is advised Evamarie König, a spokeswoman for an animal shelter in Berlin. “The new owner of the pets should find out as much as possible about their customs”.

Pets suffer from grief.

For example, everything they did daily, the times that they walk or the time they were outside. Also, it is important to know what medications they took and the name of the veterinarian that attended to.

“In addition, it is good to know what they were eating, how many times a day did it and in what quantities,” says König. This issue is particularly important for pets that need special diets because of diseases.

However, a cat does not receive dry food does not mean that you should continue feeding the same way.

“You just need to take care that no alterations are produced too abrupt in the life of the pet,” says the expert. “What you need to know is that a change of the feeding means to add new things.”

This also applies to the rides. “A daily routine may help the animals to get used to the new situation”, says Astrid Behr, head of press of the Association of Veterinarians of Frankfurt. This includes maintaining rituals and follow fixed routes.

Pets there is not that seeking distractions as if they were people. “A dog needs a boss of the herd reliable that it meets certain rules and to pay enough attention to.”

To get used to their new home, the dogs need to sniff in all the corners, indicates König. “A help is to use the food bowl or the basket to which they are accustomed, because it is a known odorant and serves them guidance”.

But if you used to do things that bother the new owner, for example, climbing on chairs, to prevent that from happening from the beginning, says the veterinary Behr. “You have to make them understand so quiet, but firm that it can not be done”.

With cats it is different. “Unlike dogs, which are more easily adapted to new environments and to other owners, the cats are characterized by creating reserves, which makes them more dependent on the environment,” says the specialist.

“The adaptation of the cat requires more attention just because they need to make their explorations and to conquer the new environment.”

According to König, a way to make them accustomed to leave them in a room with the sandbox and the tree scraper. “After one or two days are allowed to pass to another room, and so on until that steal all the housing”.

There are pets that refuse to eat when it dies, its owner. “They are isolated cases,” according to Behr.

“However, when it occurs, it is necessary to call urgently the vet”. If possible, recourse should be had to a specialist who has experience in animal behavior. “They can give you good tips of how to induce to eat an animal that he misses his old owner.”

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