“The animals are not disposable,” says activist – The Universal

“The animals are not disposable, they are companions,” said Guadalupe Nelly Wells Band, protective independent of animals, who added that there are periods where there is increased abandonment of pets in the public right of way.

“There are a lot of dog in a street situation. People makes animals that are not going to take care of, have a period, especially when they are puppies, they are nice, because when they start breaking things, or else, are going to the street. Or the gifts of the end of the year for the children, the bride and groom when they fight they go also to the street,” he said.

He added: “We have several periods that are abandoned much puppy, which is in January, February and after the holidays. No longer are nannies for the children, then they go to the street. Are periods in which we found a lot of puppy in the street, who were home but were abandoned as they no longer have use in the house. And the animals are not disposable, they are companions.”

He mentioned that many dogs die of starvation by not to know how to get their food, others are hit, hurt and even violated.

“The people, not just dogs, cats and other animals are treated as disposable, they are easy to re-acquire and dispose too,” he reiterated.

Recounted: “We have known people that each year almost has a dog and goes to the outside. And sometimes they are race dogs and go outside. And the dogs creoles, worse. Not sensitive to sterilization. The best way to not have stray dogs is to not buy dogs and sterilize the ones that we have, whether male or female, same with the cats.”

Doña Nelly is involved with other people in the animal rescue and works with the Animal Control Center of Tultitlán, where they rescue pets and offer them for adoption.

“I give you my back or the doctor or the lady speak to me when you have a puppy that has the potential to, or was abandoned a mommy with her litter, as we are going for them,” he said.

He added: “we Try to rescue dogs, but our budget, our props are very stunted and we would like to support all, but we don’t. We have a number limit and the main thing that we need is food, medications and vaccines. We deliver these shorties with a protocol of adoption, we deliver sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and this comes at a cost. For more that we would like to absorb all, we can’t”.

Alejandro Franco Vera, holder of the federal Attorney for Environmental Protection of the State of Mexico (Propaem), estimated that in the entity there are around 3.5 million dogs in the streets, so that it is necessary to sterilize them to reduce that number.

He expressed that he is currently suspended the sacrifice of dogs in the 28 Centres of Animal Control of the State of Mexico, which are rescued from the streets, sterilized, and released in the same site where they were found.

Doña Nelly rescued Barbie, a dog that survived in Tultitlan to poisoning with carbon monoxide in a room, where it killed its owner, and 10 dogs.


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