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In an era in which we have laws very particularised on the rights of the children, young people, women, older adults, journalists, indigenous people and others, could not miss the of these living beings and domesticated, such as dogs and cats; edible as chickens, pigs and cattle; of load —bad calls beasts— as the oxen, the donkeys, and the camels, in order, of all the animals.

Legislators across the country are finally taking into account the voices no longer so isolated from environmentalists, ecologists, and Ngos such as the Association for the protection of Animals in Mexico (Apasdem), to formalize the defense of animals in order to have a just life or to avoid a cruel death.

As a result lucky in that recognition, it has already adopted the Law on Protector of Animals, by means of which, among other effects, has been banned already cause torture to these beings in activities for the pleasure and fun of people, and to punish those who willfully remove a life with suffering is inherent.

As we know, the animals only commit two of the seven deadly sins are considered capitals by the catholic moral and, moreover, only in response to your survival instincts.

Recently I watched the revolquiza that a dog great dane fired a small schnauzer, and two hours after this an uneven match both were playing as if nothing had happened, for the simple but exemplary reason that they are not incubated rancor and revenge. On the contrary, the men hunt for “sport” to accumulate trophies without caring about the animals that sacrifice themselves are in danger of extinction; do not give eat or mistreat the bulls of lydia with the purpose of departing braves in a bullring, and give them a “good show” to a public eager to see the “feats” made with flags that cause suffering or with swords deadly.

This is a struggle between two beings willing to harm or kill yourself, they say the affections bullfighting to justify their tastes, but with the difference that the bullfighters do in search of glory or money, in so much that the bulls do against their will. By far, there will be those who justify the means to achieve the end in favor of human life; it should be mentioned that, to test the effectiveness of a new drug, we applied in laboratories to animals, and the virus that trying to fight with this medication, and dogs can become addicted to drugs so that they are then able to catch them in revisions to police.

With pardon of the animals by comparing them with Donald Trump, this truhan is intended to build a wall impregnable to prevent the invasion of illegal immigrants and authorizing the criminal hunting of them to the silence of authorities of other countries, and yet with impunity promotes the invasion of a country like Afghanistan, with the complicity of those authorities, and plans to invade Syria to overthrow a ruler whose actions against his people are perhaps not desirable, as also are undesirable themselves.

For these reasons I conclude, in accordance with my convictions, in that the more I know Donald Trump, I like most animals.

Fernando Almeyda Cobos

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