The benefits of adopting unicios adopt a pet –

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Thousands of pets are euthanized daily across the country due to the sobrepoblaciÃ3n of animals.

Although the number of stray dogs and cats it is very difficult to ascertain with accuracy, the humane Society estimated that there are about 70 million around the streets in the united States. And what’s alarming is that sÃ3lo 10%, about 7.6 million, reach the 3,500 shelters in the country.

And, although the places of host animals are in charge of rescuing many of them, the space in these centres is so small that to save them all would be impossible.

Some people prefer to buy a pet, but in our report we say to you by what is best to adopt. The benefits are not sÃ3lo to the animals, but also for those who welcome them as members of his family.

Apart from that ahorrarÃas money, also estarÃas saving a life.

Around 2.7 million dogs and cats are completely healthy and adoptable, are euthanized each year due to the limited capacity of these shelters. Sadly, this translates to a weekly basis about 80 thousand dead animals by not having space for them that reflects that every day 5,500 dogs will be euthanized for not having a home to go to.

For this reason, Telemundo and NBC joined together through a campaign that aims to achieve the highest number of pet adoptions possible in different cities of the country.


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