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“Over the years, the dogs became pets that were tied with a belt in a heardit, to live in the houses with their owners, even to sleep in the bed with them, so they increasingly saw that they needed more cleanliness and beauty, and that is where we go to the hairdressers trade,” explains Roberto Nugnes, hairdresser canine more than twenty years ago, the owner of a hair salon in Quilmes, and the driving force of the first Association of Hairdressers Canines, that already gathers about 300 professionals in the country, through the looking once you achieve oficializarla, greater recognition, certifications and professionalism.

This weekend, Nugnes and other hairdressers canines will be at the 13th edition of the fair to Our horses and our dogs, in The Rural, where there will be a competition of dog-grooming salon, Copa Groom, attended by 200 professionals from several countries (see aside).
“Some twenty years ago in Caballito or Quilmes had three professional hairdressers, and today there are more than 300 in each place, that’s why we want it to become a recognized trade,” he explains.

In your case, the office came to him because he grew up surrounded by animals. “I had a dog’s life”, he says, in connection with that in your house was a kennel of poodles.

Well, first it was barber of horses, then bulls exhibit, until he took the dogs, who prepared them for the shows of exhibition. He noticed the growth of the dog-grooming salon, and after getting in touch with other hairdressers created the association three years ago, where close to 300 partners pay an annual fee of $ 600 in exchange for seminars and free training by experts in trends and care of animals.

“The first seminar we did was in my house, they came to 150 people. I understood that here there was something. Not talking only about aesthetics and how one grabs the scissors, but how one treats the animals, of the contact that we have with them,” she says.

Growth. While there are still very few and by now they gather in Buenos Aires, they want to reach out to other provinces, where they perform skills. Last year they did a competition in the Sociedad Rural de Tucumán.

According to Nugnes, a hairdresser, a canine must know how to take care of the mantle of each race, how much hair you lose each one, until how to deal with aggressive dogs and with older animals or puppies. In addition, of course, be up to date with the trends, both national and international, which vary with each breed, and that many customers ask them for.

“Here’s the 80% of the hairdressing salons working with poodles, are the breed more popular, and for which the clients ask for more things, such as cuts with pom-poms that they saw in a magazine, everything,” he says.

The prices of the cuts also vary with each race. While a poodle can cost between $ 300 and $ 400, and other races in a larger size, like a giant Schnauzer, can reach up to $ 500 or $ 700.

“People always compare bad and says, ‘how can it be that I at the hair salon, spend less the dog’; one always tells you that the ‘hairdresser human’ short-nothing more than the head, the dog makes it a work of the tip of the nose to the tip of the paws,” he adds.

Trend in the world

In Spain, twenty years ago there is the Spanish Association of Stylists Canines, which was formed in 1999. His goal, to “enhance and regularize the figure of the hairdresser, feline/canine, framing him in a social context, and working with a professional content seriously and prestige”, as indicated in your web page. Austria, Belgium, England, Germany and the united States are other countries where there are also this type of associations. In most cases, one seeks to professionalise the hairdressers, so that they can, also, participate in international competitions of the Groom, as it is known the activity. Thus, each association form a team that then represents the country.

*NOTE published in the Print Edition of the Journal Profile.

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