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Lto campaign against canine rabies starts on the 11th of June in Tarija, which will enable different points of vaccination in strategic areas of the city,

as squares, parks and health centres. Is expected to vaccinate 70 thousand dogs and cats in the urban area and rural Fencing.

The responsible of Zoonosis of the Municipal Government, Sitty Chavez, reported that it carried out all the preparations for the vaccination campaign. To do so shall contribute different health institutions. In this framework, calls on the population to take their animals to inmunizarlos, “the people only have to carry the can with the strap,” he said, noting that that is the only requirement.

These actions are performed year after year with the purpose of preventing pets from contracting rabies, and as well pass it to their peers and to the people.


In this regard, the representative of the Society for the protection of Animals (Spat), Gonzalo Torres, said that the province currently Fencing is not free of canine rabies.

“While the City Government says that they have controlled rabies in the province of Cercado, the Departmental Service of Health (Sedes) – reported cases of rabies. We know of many cases this year and last year also by reports of the Headquarters. We know the house, the block where the dog bit because it existed,” he said.

He indicated that each year public authorities spend large amounts of economic resources in these campaigns, however there is still the disease in the province. He said that this activity is developed in a bad way, because rather than establish fixed points of health, “believing that the people responsibly take your pet”, what you should do is to go house by house to vaccinate the animals.

Rejected that in the campaigns to ask for the help of the conscripts in the barracks, because they are not trained to inject the animals.

He also recommended that to reach the dog population stray, because they are more likely to acquire rabies. He added that not only should be vaccinated dogs and cats, but also parrots, because they are warm-blooded animals can also contract this disease.

According to a census of the SPAT, in Tarija, there are more than 23 thousand stray dogs, add to that the population of cats, which also may be infected with rabies.

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