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For days we see a cat that is unknown in our garden. We maúlla and we cry. We give food and eat. Seems accustomed to being with people and he’s not afraid.

Who thinks that the cat has searched for a owner and stay with él, will become acting evil, says Uwe Tiedemann, a veterinarian and president of the CHAMBER¡mara of Veterinary German. «Anyone who finds an animal, you should report it, put ads», signals.

In Germany, in fact, not to do so would contravene the act and who so actúe, you can be punished. Another thing is when is an animal that has no owner, for example a wild cat. But these animals, generally, do not come close to the people.

«A cat found there is a cat without owner or, on the contrary that a cat from the street. Belongs to someone who may have escaped, for example, or it may have been abandoned,» explains Ursula Bauer, of the asociaciÃ3n German AcciÃ3n Animal – People for Animals.

Cats that have escaped or have been abandoned are usually relatively tame and are furthemore care: its coat is shining and they are well-fed. But many do not know that should not simply stay with these animals.

«Interestingly, a lot of people don’t have it clear when it comes to cats. However, when he finds a dog that is lost, almost no one is left simply with él,» says Bauer.

What the fuck is there to do when one is crossed with a cat? «Usually, a lost cat comes from any place in the neighborhood, so we advise you to ask there», says the vet Tiedemann.

Many cats, however, can go kilÃ3metros. Melitta Töller, of the humane German Vier Pfoten (four paws), points out that there are times when we see cats in gardens of others that however have a home and owner.

«Many cats regularly visit the same places in their territory. Therefore, a cat appears several times in the garden does not mean that you do not have a house,» he says.

Anyone who finds a cat, the first thing you should do is to go to the vet or to an animal shelter to look at if you are identified with a chip. «With the chip, if you are registered, you can immediately find the owner,» says Tiedemann. It is something that in your query, you see a lot.

The microchip that puts the animals under the skin is not visible, but with a special device can read the number that it takes. «I advise all the world to put the chip in the animal and register it», says the veterinarian. «If the animal is lost and is found, to locate his owner or will be fácil», year ade.

In many countries there is obligaciÃ3n general put a microchip in the cat and register it, but it is advisable to do so. «Who has a cat that likes to go out of house, you must keep in mind that the animal may seem to have no owner at some point and someone can get,» warns Bauer.

So, animal lovers with a cat in your garden, you should always keep in mind that they should not quedà a bus for good. On the one hand, by a cuestiÃ3n legal and, on the other hand, emotional components.

«Anyone with an animal, you must think that perhaps they on the other end of the city there is someone very sad because his pet has disappeared and you don’t know dÃ3nde is,» indicates Bauer.

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