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The reputation of cats as pets is something opportunistic and inconsistent in his affection toward human beings could be just a tÃ3pico. A new study cientÃfico concludes that the felines tend to prioritize the interacciÃ3n with their owners over other needs are much more basic basic as food.

Three researchers americans of the universities of Oregon and Monmouth they performed behavioral experiments with a representative sample composed by 50 cats. They discovered that elegÃan contact with the man before that other estÃmulos as food, games, and smells.

Choose the contact with the man before that other estÃmulos as the food, the game and the smell

To evaluate what stimulates most cats, the cientÃficas checked the reactions of two groups. One of them was formed by exemplary pet©forecasts and another for staying in shelters. The cats were kept in isolation for two and a half hours and then exposed to estÃmulos different in four categories: food, smells, toys and interacciÃ3n human.

The level of preference was evaluated on the basis of the estÃmulo to which each animal was dirigÃa first and for how much time. No differences between the two groups of cats, the researchers observed a general preference for the interacciÃ3n with the man are: more than half of the cats buscÃ3 first this and dedicÃ3 65% of the time. The food was in second place.

During the development of the experiment is not observÃ3 no difference in behavior between the cats pet©forecasts and that vivÃan in a protective of animals. What I know could put in cuestiÃ3n the researchers, is the idea that the cats usually approach “por interest©’sâ€�.

The results were published in the journal Behavioral Processes, and by now numerous media around the world have already been done echo of his finding.


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