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The cause animal is not the only minefield that criss-cross the 11 candidates in the race for getting to the second round of the presidential elections in France, but it is for the first time in this country, a challenge that could swing thousands of undecided.

According to surveys, around a third of voters do not yet know for whom to vote a week before the first round, held this Sunday, only this year, 39 % of the French has been asserted that the protection of animals -issue «important» for 80 % of the polled – could influence your final decision.

The collective AnimalPolitique, founded by 26 associations to «put the animal condition in the heart of the political challenges», commissioned that poll, conducted between 10 and 13 march, the institute demoscópico Fifg.

Although sometimes a little late, almost all applicants have completed to capture the substance of the debate, to which exceptions have devoted very little space in their programs, rallies and statements.

The collective brings together historical names such as the SPA, pioneers as the Foundation Brigitte Bardot or very young as L214, which from the 2013 wake up consciences with images circus of animal abuse at slaughterhouses, cages or transport endless, nothing beyond the paper that for the first time occupies the lucky animal in these elections.

Since the dawn of the campaign took action in the matter by the socialist Benoît Hamon, the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the pro-sovereignty Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and the far-right Marine Le Pen.

The differences are significant between the four favorites, leading Le Pen and former socialist from the finance, Emmanuel Macron, followed increasingly closely by Mélenchon and the conservative François Fillon, despite his stumbling legal.

You see in his promises, and his way of dealing with the 30 measures of the «Manifesto» produced by the collective, at that moment have responded to seven candidates, they all have a chance in may, except the leader of The Republicans, Fillon.

The protectors did not forget any creature, so that to reconcile its millions of «friends» with the respective affiliation -the pressure groups of farmers, ranchers, hunters, furriers, pharmacists, bullfighting, circuses, zoos, dolphinariums – this is a pure exercise in acrobatics.

Mélenchon had the best note, a 15.7 on 20, for reporting systematically «martyrdom» of that population, and promising «bold steps» as «eradicate» the abuse, include in the Constitution the respect they are due, or set a strict control of hunting and vegetarian menus in the catering.

He is, in fact, according to the organization L214, the only candidate who «acts on behalf of the animals.»

Meanwhile, the National Front of Le Pen, who obtained a fair 10,9 despite its promise of turning the cause into a national, and to prohibit the animal life caged or ritual sacrifice, «is not the best friend of the animals», according to the mep ecologist Pascal Durand.

Durand argues that the vote of the meps, the FN will usually reveal positions contrary to the well-being of those beings, without which even the spokesman of the campaign, the protaurino David Rachline, considered «false» the idea that they can be considered «sensitive».

Macron «appears indifferent to animal suffering», is not opposed to hunting or to the intensive livestock and displays «contempt» for protection, according to L214, which included him among those who act «against the animals,» with a 4.7, almost like the 4.1 Fillon.

In exchange, Hamon, «eager to ensure ‘respect for the highest demands in the field of animal welfare'» and second on the list with 14,7 points, defends a strategy is «too vague», according to the same association.

In addition, the socialist, out of the car as a finalist, not only does not pronounce on the bulls and «seems to seek the support of the hunters», but merely to promise to «reflect» on the bait or forced to seek mere «dialogue» about the controversial sacrifices without prior stunning, criticize protective.

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