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The past 1o. and march 2, the authorities attended three attacks in the city: one for a dog pitbull in Villa del Rosario, another enrazado in The Sunflowers and the attack of a dog creole in The Victory. All of the victims were under age (1, 4 and 8 years old), who is recovering satisfactorily.

According to the report of the Epidemiological Surveillance System of the District, the average of attacks of dogs potentially dangerous is between 10 and 15 cases a year. In 2016, they reported 10. Likewise, notes that in the last 15 years, there have been recorded cases of rabies in animal, or human.

THE HERALD requested statistics on the number of episodes from 2014, but Secretary of Health of the District reported that only from the previous year comes to collecting the information of attacks by breeds. Before the records included attacks from all the specimens, without being discriminated against.

In accordance with the Law 746 of 2002 and the third article of the Code of Police and Coexistence, in addition to the 14 races legal, are considered potentially dangerous dogs that present episodes of aggression to people or other dogs, or who have been trained to attack and defense.

The Federation of Insurers of Colombia (Fasecolda) has asked the authorities responsible for the issuance as soon as the respective regulation to design liability policies.

On the construction of a shelter of animal welfare, as required by law, into every town with more than 10,000 inhabitants, Fajardo says that “it has been complex to find in Barranquilla a rural area for its construction. And that “hopefully this is the year to be able to decide the place and allocate resources.”

Luz Stella Ordoñez, director branch of the Society for the protection of Animals, says that the District is not only in debt with the community, but with the animals, make a place of charity for them.

He says that today there is an estimated of dogs as potentially dangerous in this capital, but believes that “there is an overpopulation of these breeds”, as in 2012 they had statistics which reported about 4,000 pitbull in Barranquilla.

“A female stop 12 animals,” says Ordóñez. “Here really the problem is not the animals as such, but the human beings that we must have a control responsible for these.”

Carlos Gutierrez, the father of the family of the boy attacked last week in The Sunflowers for a dog crossed with a pitbull, express in the living room of his house that “had not taken into account certain things” on the care of the pet, such as space or time devoted. The animal that had lived together since puppy was transferred to a farm.

Sitting in a rocking chair made of wood, holding in her arms the baby she carries gauze with cotton in the cheek left by the bite of the can, Gutiérrez says that in the future plan to adopt another dog. When your child overcome the fear of these animals and your family to be more aware of their tenure.

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