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The chihuahua is one of the breeds of dogs smallest in the world. The rounded head of which stand out eyes big and round along with its diminutive growth habit make this dog into a pet very popular.

But the charm that they have can also sometimes be a disadvantage for these dogs: «A chihuahua wants to be taken seriously, just like any other dog,» says Udo Kopernik of the Canine Association of Germany (VDH).

Many people treat these tiny pets as if they were a toy. Dress them up, put them accessories and take a stroll in the portfolio.

However, nicolaus copernicus argues that it is not good for the animal that is the view with any garment or use boots, except in winter.

«In the case of the chihuahuas short haired a layer can be useful when it’s cold,» he says. But you have to pay special attention to the functionality and buy this coat in specialty shops. A chihuahua does not need a layer with embellishments, added to nicolaus copernicus.

The chihuahua, a small dog with big personality - The Universe 1

«The chihuahua is a small dog but big personality, that he sees a mastiff as an equal,» says Klaus Mergel, of the German Association of Breeders of Small Dogs (VK).

«The chihuahua is not a dog fearful. It’s more like a troll who loves to be everywhere,» says Mergel, who at the same time emphasizes that these dogs are often identified with a single person.

«If a couple has a chihuahua, it is very likely that the pet shop to create a strong bond with one of the two,» adds Weber.

In general, this breed is quite easy to raise, says Mergel. There are, however, that to educate a chihuahua, like any large dog, and be consistent. Otherwise, the pet will very quickly begin to make prevail their own rules, adds the specialist in chihuahuas.

For Ariane Ullrich, of the Association of Dog Trainers (BHV) and specialist in animal behavior sometimes it is desirable to train the dog.

«Many times they underestimate the small dogs and not given the proper training. This can lead to situations that are troublesome for the owner,» points out Ullrich. For that reason, frequently manifest disturbances of conduct, she adds.

«You must know that chihuahuas can bite and it is very painful, especially when they are small children. It is important to be very careful with a chihuahua ill-mannered,» says Ullrich.


These dogs are prone to some diseases, especially if they do not respect certain minimum standards in foster care. «Already it is considered abuse when you breed dogs for under 500 grams,» he says.

The dogs are very small are prone to diseases of the eyes. «Due to the round head also arise from respiratory problems», explains the expert. In addition, the pointy nose will cause problems in the teeth.

«The smaller the dog the more susceptible it is to disease.» Even diarrhea harmless can cause severe physical disturbances to these pets.

Due to the low weight of the chihuahuas remedies must be dosed accurately. «If it were not so, it could suffer poisoning», it indicates Ullrich.

In essence, the chihuahuas are dogs, very intelligent, cheerful and active, that require their owners the same as all other races: «Attention, entertainment and a strong bond with any person», summarizes the specialist. (I)

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