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This Saturday was the second Day of Adoption, Responsible pet care in the square of the neighborhood Paykin, with the goal of pets abandoned or rescued from abuse can have a definitive home where you know how to take care of them. In addition there were stands with vaccination campaigns and information on the care of the animals. Organized by the Advisory Council of the Animal Protection dependent of the City Council of Resistance. The activity was organized by the Advisory Council of Animal Protection, dependent of the City Council of Resistance

The City Council president, Gustavo Martinez took part of the day next to the mayor Alicia Frías (PJ). Also estuviero present members of the Council including the Council of Veterinary surgeons of the Chaco, of the Institute of Animal Protection and Environmental law School in the Chaco, Court of Offenses and Municipal, social organizations of animal protection as the Foundation Releases and APACH, Pitbull Chaco, Animal Sanctuary, Association Legislative Solidarity, I Am Animal, Protection, Anonymous and Traces of Dog, among others.

In the opportunity, secured the adoption of 32 dogs and cats and rabies vaccination, and desparasitó to a lot of dog population, which was carried by their owners to the square of the neighborhood Paykin.

Martinez expressed his support to initiatives of this type, and he spoke of «the importance of creating awareness in the citizenry on the responsible ownership of animals. In this sense it was essential to do so from childhood, reporting on the care and necessary vaccines to stay healthy to the pets that are part of the family».

In its turn referred to the suffering of stray animals and those who are abused, and the commitment of the City Council of working in that sense to change that paradigm in the society. In regard to the various legislative initiatives relating to this subject on the working mentioned the prohibition of rocketry expect to be able to present it in as soon as possible. “Another of the laws on which we are working with the judge of Faults is the one that has to do with the adoption-driven by the municipality to bring recognition and tax of many issues that make the work of these institutions and of many families and of many people who individually carry forward the protection of animals”.

“We want to achieve, in fact, that will go to building this culture of respect and integration to a core family of each pet,” he said.

With respect to the use of the traction to blood, said that they are analyzing in the Council several authoring projects of different councillors, and who aspire to make a definition this year. “There are some who propose the funding of the traction motor as a swap, there are others who propose the prohibition of the use, so that we want to find something that considers the social situation, but to protect the animals. That is our iron will and what we want to do for this year without further delays”, he added.

As to the necessity of the castration assured that they are going to begin to do so. “We will work with the Association of Veterinarians and veterinary independent to perform castrations of animals in different parts of the city added to the or mobile of the Municipality”, he concluded.

For its part, the council member Alicia Cold thanked all the organisations and professionals that are members of the Council and with those motorized these days of public awareness. He said that the main objective is to implement a scheme of adoptions for every dog or cat has a definitive home where they can be wanting to and be a part of the family. Also the realization of informative talks which have to do with the awareness about the care of the animal, which are directed by veterinarians, and finally, thanks to the presence of a handler and canine to carry out a demonstration about the capacity that animals have, and how to hold them or have them as a part of the family without any problems.

During the day there were raffles, parade of pets, receiving of donations, and the various protectors that are part of the Advisory Council provide you with all the information about what they have done in a particular way, and as they are working within the Advisory Council.

In terms of the procedure of adoption established, indicated that the “first agreement where the signature of both the party delivering the animal and the family that adopts the presentation of the proper credentials and the commitment of castration, of maintenance and of having the animal in good conditions according to the law of animal protection”.

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