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It is worth mentioning that the capture of whales for research purposes is provided for as an exception to the international prohibition of 1986, linked to commercial whaling. So, thanks to that vericueto legal, this kind of activities are covered by the law.

Despite repeated complaints by Australia and New Zealand, the campaign whale is covered by the Government japanese. Opponents of this program claim that it is a commercial activity ‘covert’, since, in the end, the meat from the whales ends up being sold in the markets.

«Japan kills whales without any need each year. It is obscene and cruel murder in the name of science. This must end,» said Kitty Block, executive vice president of Humane Society International, an organization for the protection of animals.

There are several reports of the International Whaling Commission concerning the breach of the rules on the part of Japan regarding the protection of the waters of the Antarctic. In turn, the International Court of Justice stated that this program should be stopped, because it lacks a scientific character. In this situation, the asian country made an investigation of ‘non-lethal whaling’ in 2015, and revised his program in 2016, reducing to a third the number of cetaceans captured.


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