The costanera Posadas was supportive and protective of the animals – First Edition S. A (press Release) (Registration)

Finalized Saturday the day of solidarity «For the right of animals», organized jointly by the Naval school Storni and the Foundation Koropeski and with the participation of more than twenty associations from different points of Missions that work in the rescue of pets.

Among the multiple activities and as finishing touch was a marathon in different categories.

The activity had a great response from the public that after noon began to approach to enjoy a day in full sun.

From different points of the province were coming to the representatives of the various associations that joined this day, which also served to promote the responsible ownership of pets.

Volunteers of The Animal Shelter , as they had announced they were collecting signatures with the aim of ensuring that the city Council of the capital established through an ordinance pyrotechnics zero in Posadas.

Also surrendered pet for adoption, and there were musical bands that gave rhythm to the evening.

The closing was the marathon, which brought together amateurs and professionals and is developed in different categories and distances.

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