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In San Juan on march 03, 1947 was founded the humane Sarmiento restlessness of their first partners to the reason for the panic raised after the earthquake of 1944, carried out indiscriminate killing of animals that roamed. The 7 of October of 1988, the civil association is passed to call»Society Sarmiento Protective of the Animal and the Tree.”

His name humane Sarmiento is a tribute to the «Teacher of America” Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, for being the impeller of the first Society for the protection of the country supported the ideas of Ignacio Lucas Albarracín when he was still president of argentina.

In Argentina the Day the Animal is on the 29th of April by the anniversary of the death of the doctor from cordoba, Ignacio Lucas Albarracín( in 1926) that was, together with prominent people of the time, the founder of the Society Argentina Protective of Animals, and the propeller of the Law National Protection of Animals (No. 2786.). At the international level date of the celebration in the 4 of October, day of St. Francis of Assisi, protector of animals and ecologists.

The doctor Ignacio Lucas Albarracín, Explaining to pupils and authorities of the time, the meaning of learn about the care of the animal and its benefits, in terms of awareness and respect as members of a society. Celebration of the Day of the animal, April 29, 1908.

At that time, by the inspiration of Clemente Onelli, then director of the Zoological Garden of Buenos Aires , and dr. Ignacio Lucas Albarracín, President of the humane Society of Animals, is celebrated every 2 April,according to reports Ministry of Education in its ephemeris.

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