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No cat behaves like any other. Its preferences or antipathies are closely linked to its temperament. The better you know the owner of your animal, the easier it will make life in common.

The innocent cat playful up the cat’s bum that barely moves, and the felines that live with us are of very different types. What they like and what not depends on your character. This is also why it is different the way in which we should deal with them. Then offer advice according to each type of cat:

The divo, the cuddly, the different types of cat - People - Life and ... - The Universe 1

The ball of hair

How to move? This certainly is not the favorite activity of this type of cat. He prefers to lie on the sofa and be caressed. Only at the time of eating shows available to the activity.

«The best thing is to give food to feed these cats,» says the therapist, and trainer of animals Tjalda Saathoff. The animal requires more time and energy to eat other types of food. To make them lose weight, it is best to reduce the amount of food that is given to them and distribute it throughout the day.

The aggressive

Is the cat jumping with claws sharpened to our lap and not let it take in the arms. Spider, and even bites to those who are around you. If there are children in the home, we must take precautions because this type of cat is often unpredictable.

Behind the scenes there is a force unstoppable by play and hunt. «You constantly need an occupation,» says Barbara Schöning, of the Veterinary Association on Behavior Therapy and the German city of Hamburg. The best thing with this type of cat is propiciarle all the space and time they need to do this. The expert recommends to owners to have a lot of understanding and patience with the cat that is so.

The divo

This cat makes it clear what you like and what not. Whether the new scraper or the food, in terms of something you don’t like, it behaves as if it had been offended and withdraws into a corner. «But above all punishes its owner by ignoring it,» says Birgitt Thiesmann of the organization humane German Vier Pfoten (Four Paws).

Who go behind him all the time, will only be reinforcing that behavior, warns. «If you don’t like the food, will have to leave without eating anything more. When you can’t more by hunger, will go and eat,» he says. It cautions, however, that if you don’t eat for a long time, will have to be consulted with the veterinarian.

The divo, the cuddly, the different types of cat - People - Life and ... - The Universe 2

The playful

With either the tablecloth or the curtains, this cat sees in a toy potential for him. «Usually tends to be young,» explains Birgitt Thiesmann. The owners will need to energy with him or you can also search for a companion of games of its kind. «If you dismiss have a second cat, sometimes it helps to feed him with a special meal with little energy,» he says.

The shy

As soon as she arrives home visit, the animal disappears. As fast as lightning, she hides that ghost under the sofa or the bed. «The cat is shy needs a lot of peace of mind and the possibility of retreating when you need it», account Thiesmann. Only with a lot of patience you can go fighting that shyness. «It is easy to panic and treat it so with sensitivity.» In summary: instead of organizing a loud party at home, it is best to get together with friends in the other place.

The tramp

«Cats are hunters specialized spend a lot of time, they explored their world,» explains Schöning. It is therefore not unlikely that the tramp enjoy hanging around the street. Only when you go abroad frequently, you will find well. But if he closes the door, there will be a nice partner. It will become dirty and unhappy. «The wanderer can’t make a cat home», warns Schöning. What works with him is the motto «live and let live».


The divo, the cuddly, the different types of cat - People - Life and ... - The Universe 3

The mimoso

This type of cat is our shadow. No matter where we are, whether on the couch or in bed, will always be with us. Don’t wear anything good that you set boundaries, you have to be always there where we are. «With him work only the instructions and rigorous in a larger volume used,» advises Thiesmann. However, although the need for affection from this cat sometimes put us nervous, don’t ignore it. It is best to integrate the moments of cuddling intensive throughout the day. (I)

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