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Park Geun-hye left behind their nine animals with you when you leave the official residence.

If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”: something so say that he said the american president Harry Truman to complain about the lack of loyalty in the political life. It is an advice that followed the south Korean president, Park Geun-hye. But now that he has been dismissed and has been forced to abandon his political life, the exjefa of State has also left behind their dogs, something that has earned it a new storm of criticism.


Are nine, white as cotton, and adorable. Their race is the Jindo, a native of Korea and celebrated, according to experts, for your courage and loyalty towards their masters. A loyalty that has not been responded to, in the opinion of the numerous internet users in south korea have been launched to protest against a president already at levels impossible to unpopularity.


The first two came in the life of the Park in 2013, as a gift from their former neighbors after the leading conservative won the presidential election and was installed in the official residence of the head of State in Seoul, the Blue House. “Saerong” and “Heemang”, “New” and “Hope”, a female and a male, were then just two puppies.


Last Sunday, when the president left the Blue House already nightfall, and accompanied by a retinue of supporters, the dogs were not going with her


The two dogs became stars in South Korea. His owner was photographed often with them, boasting that they were the real masters of the presidential mansion. He liked to say that dogs “do not betray their owners”.


In 2015 they had a first litter of five puppies, which were given to other owners, explains to the newspaper Korea Herald. This January born seven others, already in the midst of the corruption scandal that has cost the job of the president. By then, the National Assembly had already approved the removal, and it was just a question that the Constitutional Court would thus valid that decision, something that happened last Friday.


On Sunday, when the president left the Blue House already nightfall, and accompanied by a retinue of supporters, the dogs were not going with her. A spokesman of the residence confirmed that the nine had stayed behind and would not have accommodation in the personal residence of Park, in the upscale neighborhood of Gangnam, in southern Seoul. “We hand them over to people who will care well,” said the spokesman.


The announcement has raised the ire of the fans in south korea of dogs. A protective association of the animals in Busan, the second city of the country, has threatened to take the former president to court for abandoning their pets. Another organization has declared its willingness to host the nine dogs until they can find families, as appropriate, that want to adopt them.


“There are people who do not get to the sole of the shoes to the dogs in regard to fidelity”, has stated in his page of Facebook, according to The Korea Times, Park Jie-won, president of the People’s Party and native of the island of Jindo, which is native to the canine race. (The Country)

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