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The fact touched all more than a year ago when a man killed escopetazos a dog that entered his property. The cruelty I woke up the repudiation, especially of the community to advocate for animals and at a judicial level led to an unprecedented fact: the processing and subsequent elevation to public trial to Saturnino Noguera, 74 years old, for murdering Pichu.

«In a couple of weeks we will have the public oral trial against the author of the death of Pichu, a little more than a year of his assassination just on the day of the animal. The processing is firm, with one however of ten thousand pesos, in case shortly we will donate to a humane. This will be the first time in San Juan is coming to the stage of public trial for a crime of animal abuse,» said the lawyer Bethlehem Nadal.

From the first moment, and thanks to the contribution of the witnesses, they blamed Saturnino Felipe Noguera. Immediately, generated a huge backlash and tens of protectionist moved to his house for an «escrache” with posters and graffiti. Then, even marches were organized not only to demand justice for Pichu, but also to ask for a tightening of the penalties of those who assault in any form to animals.

Usually, this type of case doesn’t have a great track within the judicial system. However, this time, the cause fell into the hands of the Third Court of Corrections office of Dr. Monica Lucero who was responsible for conducting the corresponding research during the instruction period and mid-August, confirmed the processing of Noguera.

From now on, intervenes on the 5th Court, Correctional, whose judge is the Dr. Matthias Parron and they will be responsible for carrying out the public oral trial. «The defense can object and ask for a probation, which would mean the suspension of the trial and that Noguera perform community work. Obviously we are going to assert as plaintiffs, because we do not think that is in psychological condition to be in contact with animals or people,» added the doctor.

In the event of being found guilty, Noguera will face a penalty of between 15 days and one year in prison.

The case

According to the information contained in the record to which Journal The Province had access, «it has been accredited with the degree of probability required at this stage of the process, that the 29th day of April of the current year, and 17.00 to 18.00 hours, the accused Felipe Noguera, threw a shot with an air rifle toward the dog of the complainant, Jonathan David Belli, causing a bleeding wound, which then caused the death of the animal.”

In addition, it was noted that Pichu ran to walk next to his owner, Av Cordoba toward a business area, when Mr. Belli loses sight of the animal. On the way back to look for him, finds him lifeless on the side of the street, just in front of the house of Noguera.

When the owner of the can will question to Philip about what had happened, at first answered that he had been given the current. But after seeing the hole in the neck of the animal, he admitted that he had been shot with an air rifle, leaving it clear that its intention had not been to kill him. «Noguera can’t specify what part of the house was the animal when it was hit by the shot, but there were blood stains about two meters from the fence of income”.

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