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The flood is a devastating event for the Department of Ñeembucú, because it causes serious difficulties for the inhabitants and affects the productive zone. The environmental impact of this new flood may be difficult to recover, since just like people, animals are displaced from their natural habitat.

The need for food in these times is covered with the arrival of the food of the SEN. Happened the rain, and appeared the cold that punishes harshly to the stoic inhabitants. This situation affects the health, especially of the smaller ones, many of them travel long distances barefoot, exposing themselves to danger and pollution.

The drama that is observed is the loss of their livelihoods, their animals and plantations, others who dedicate themselves to the manufacture of bricks.

From the economic, the floods hit in a extremely strong way. The inhabitants living in the affected areas are experiencing a financial burden in the replacement of the lost articles and the repair of their homes.

Farmers also suffer the loss of their crops.

The people who are affected by a flood carry the financial burden of the repair of structures damaged by the flood waters.

To don Valeriano Velazco, this new flood is a heavy blow for his family. Referred to, is devoted to horticulture. «Everything that we produced what comercializábamos on a Pillar, all the days in this time I had nothing, everything was under the water,» said the troubled producer.

He recalled that 2014 was a similar situation, with lower environmental impact; in 2016, was the increasing of the arroyo Ñeembucú, and this year we again presented this, he said.

Some point out that their only alternative is to leave the area and try to adapt to a new habitat. Because for the villagers, the natural disaster is not the floods, but their consequences.

DRINKING WATER. Drinking water is a key point, with the flood all the wells where it is arising of the vital fluid are affected by the pollution. From Public Health alert to boil water before consuming. The day before, the SEN distributes water purification tablets, and has a mobile plant to purify the liquid.

ASK FOR ANIMAL RESCUE. The president of the humane Society, Francesca Crosa, criticized the disinterest of the authorities of the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) to accompany the rescue from the water of the animals of the villagers (cattle, horses, pigs, birds, dogs, cats) that are suffering from the effects of the floods in the South of the country.

He said that they tried to train rescue workers from the SEN, but the day fixed was not the staff. He recalled that they also asked the commander of the Army General John Joseph Casaccia the presence of brigades of veterinarians in the flooded areas.

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