The first convicted in Missions for mistreating a dog – First Edition

For the first time in the history of the province, a man was sentenced to five days of arrest for mistreating an animal. The failure sat in jurisprudence at the provincial level and the fact that it happened in the city of Apostles.

Responsible for the protective association of animals Apa asked the population to collaborate in denouncing cases of mistreatment of pets, and recalled that the primary function of this agency is to protect the rights of animals, protect those who are abused and those who were abandoned by their owners.

Tied up under the sun

Standard Cuotto is the president of the association for the protection of animals, section Apostles. This woman commented that there were many cases of complaints for abandonment in this institution, and in respect of the case took public, about the man who was punished with five days of arrest, said that «the section received many, many complaints, and some resulted in several exhibitions. P‘or this reason, we introduced ourselves at the residence of the reported person and talked with the owner of the animal, in order to induce it to improve its treatment and lay down your attitude».

Also, Cuotto held that the complaint of abuse before the association was made by a neighbor who reported that in the domicile of the defendant had a dog tied up all day under the sun without water or food, and that this amounted to physical punishment.

First antecedent

After the investigation it was determined the detention of the person, said Cecilia Lopez, secretary of the association, and added that «this cause is still in suspense, and this is the first beforeyou of this kind in the province».

He also recalled that the above mentioned association is to protect the animals. «You have to be aware of which animals have rights and we are there to enforce the law and to respect all animals equally. The idea is that this exemplary punishment will serve to those who mistreat animals give up their attitude».

On the other hand, those who are at the front of the body asked all the people that have pets, that really is the responsibility of the animal needs care and, in the case of not being able to provide the attention that the pet requires, that directly do not take on this responsibility.

Enforce the law

Respect to the man who was punished for mistreating your can, since the Association commented that it was clear that «this gentleman was misinformed, because when the neighbors asked him not to punish the animal, as stated in the complaint, he responded that in his property and did what he wanted with his dog and that no one had by what a mess».

Cuotto and Lopez recalled that this is not so, «because it is the protective association of animals to defend them, and they have the same right as us.»

They recalled further that the abandonment of pets is also punishable.

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