The heartbreaking crying of a puppy pitbull to notice that their owners … – 24 hours per

The dog of four years identified as Electra, it was abandoned in a shelter in California, united States, and has touched the hearts of thousands of users in social networks.

A heartbreaking video that shows the reaction of a puppy pitbull to be abandoned in a shelter in California, united States, has moved on Facebook.

The images shown to Electra, four-year-old, who was surrendered by her owners to the humane Society in the city of Pomona to be given in adoption.

In the recording it sees Electra obviously affected and crying in his cage.

The video was posted by Lolys Menchaka, who is in charge of the humane Society where he came Electra. «She represents the sadness and reality in the shelters», she wrote along with the recording.

«Sometimes I’d like to understand why there are owners who relinquish their animals , and I don’t like to judge, but when I see how they get the dogs to the reception with their happy faces and then destroyed when they leave, I don’t understand,» he added.

Fortunately and after a call to the adoption of Electra through Facebook, found a new home.

Despite the pain of the puppy, many users highlighted that at least was abandoned in a place where he could find a new family instead of leaving it in the street.

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