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After recognizing the dead body of Elena Arlette, animalistic , who disappeared in September 2016 and whose body was found over the weekend in a house in Tultitlán, Isabel, sister of the activist for the rights of animals, ensures that the body found next to the Ellen Arlette is not the of his brother-in-law, who disappeared at the same time that his sister.


Groups defenders of animal rights, lamented the death of Elena; it was also found the body of her husband

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On September 8, 2016, Elena Arlette Salas Chávez disappeared together with her husband, Omar David Castañeda Viloria. The case was known because Elena Arlette was protective of animals.

Isabel, moreover, fears that the husband of his sister not only is not dead, but in addition, is involved in the death of Elena Arlette. Isabel also believes that the family of Omar David it hides.

Omar David, who was a police, according to Isabel, he had scars on the head, chest, legs, and arms, the result of accident on a motorcycle. The alleged body that is given its identity, says Elizabeth.

In addition, the sister of Arlette argues that the degree of decomposition of the corpse of a man is not the same as that of Elena Arlette, even though they were lost together.

According to the information that Isabel shared in THE CHART, the father of Omar David is a federal police in Oaxaca.

Throughout the process showed irregularities, the complaint by the sister of Elena Arlette, who says that is not allowed to start its denunciation of the facts, a few days after the disappearance of the couple; that will not let him enter the house that was inhabited by the marriage or to recover belongings of the animal.

«Meanwhile, the family of he-pulled cars, motorcycles, and other artifacts,» says Isabel.

After a time, depending on the version of the sister of the deceased, relatives of Omar David said to them, Elena Arlette «was already dead» and they got rid of their pets.

On the 19th of September 2016, just a few days of followed the disappearance, an uncle of Omar David approached Elizabeth and told her that she expected the worst: «Our family is of cops and as we know these things, you see that it is not a kidnapping, what is best is a matter of passion, den to Arlette for dead».

Before their suspicions, Elizabeth, who for months sought to Elena Arlette, demand justice, and in the framework of the International Women’s Day will offer a press conference.


Isabel, who does not believe that his brother-in-law is dead, says that he sent messages that they sought to intimidate her

Hermana de animalista asesinada asegura ser amenazada Hermana de animalista asesinada asegura ser amenazada

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