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The conditions of the animals in Spain have not changed

More than 137 thousand dogs and cats were abandoned last year in Spain, a similar figure to the previous year, which slows down the downward trend of the past few years, according to the Study on Abandonment and Adoption of companion Animals, published by the Foundation Affinity and explained the news agency EFE.

The birth of litters of unwanted happens to be the main reason of abandonment, followed by the behavior of the animal and the end of the hunting season, according to the study.

The report of the foundation, which has its headquarters in Barcelona, spain, quantified in 104.447 dogs and 33.335 the cats that were collected by the societies Spanish in the past year, compared to 104.501 dogs and 33.330 cats of the previous year.

“This equality in the figures show a stagnation in the number of animals that arrives to entities protection, and breaks with the trend slightly positive in the last few years”, stressed the director of the foundation, Isabel Buil. Despite this, Buil denounced it: “such abandonment of animals is a concern, and even more that do not maintain and increase the downward trend of the last eight years.”

The Foundation Affinity, which makes this study on the abandonment of animals in Spain for the last twenty years, is working with the centre for Justice and Animal Law to achieve a change of the Spanish Civil Code so that animals no longer being considered “real numbers”, that is to say, as things.

“Our Civil Code makes that the animals are susceptible of appropriation and of free disposition on the part of their owners. This involves obvious harm to animals in cases of divorce, however, road traffic accidents and in other aspects of daily life”, has pointed Buil.

Of the total pet collected for protection in 2016, only 45% were adopted, 16% had been lost and could be returned to their owners being identified, a 12% continues to live in the protective and 7% was subjected to euthanasia.

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