The Muni carried out a campaign of free vaccination … – CasildaPlus

The care and protection of pets is an important part of responsible ownership of the same. From the area of Public Health of the Municipality will encourage these practices, that is why it is to carry out a vaccination campaign for animals free of charge. It will be today, from 9 to 15 in the Peña Ricardo Bochini’s Independiente Athletic Club.

The event has the organization and collaboration of various agencies and groups of the city’s advocacy for the rights of animals. The equipment that will be effective the vaccination will be headed by the veterinary doctor, Adrian Martinez, director of Protection and Animal Health. Precisely, the professional commented: “it’s such an honor to be able to work together with so many people of the city. We all pursue the same goal, which is to improve the quality of life of our animals and ultimately, the health of the population”.

Those who wish to take advantage of the occasion, you have to come up mitre street 2057 with your dog or cat. If necessary, it is recommended that they attend a leash and/or muzzle. Each one will be dealt with according to the order of arrival. The day will begin at 9 and will run until 15.

Participate in this opportunity, in addition to the Municipality, Peña N° 200 Ricardo Enrique Bochini’s Independiente Athletic Club, the humane Casilda, the group of protective Love and Animal grouping, university student Fringe Dwelling place, of its dependence of the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

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