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The consumer is, or should be, the king of the market. And in Germany, this monarch commanded that the hens regain their freedom. So much so that until the chain Mcdonald’s announced its decision to discontinue use of this year, eggs from hens caged for the preparation of their sauces and spreads, at least in the territory of German. According to the company, this practice already imposed in 1999 in regards to the products with egg offered for breakfast.

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The dark side of egg production

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There are more and more happy hens.

It is not a crusade of defenders of animals. Is what imposes the market. The increased demand led to the fact that, for the first time, the hens reared in eco-friendly way to surpass their counterparts that are confined to cages. The 4, 2 million chickens, «happy,” recorded by the Federal Statistics Institute in 2016 represent an increase of 11, 7 percent. The number of laying hens cage is reduced in contrast to a 17 per cent was 3.4 million.

The abolition of the batteries

Clear that between the cage and the freedom, there is a good stretch, riddled with grey. What is the dominant parenting in soil, are subject to more than 25.5 million birds, many more of the living loose, which add up to approximately 7.4 million.

What will be a frank withdrawal are the cages. The old conventional batteries, where once the hens were subjected to intolerable conditions, have already been eradicated in Germany. But there are still cages in which the birds have a space not much larger, as noted at the end of 2016 the president of the League for the protection of Animals. It is expected that this practice will be prohibited from 2025.

More information for the consumer

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Without cages, but not so happy.

Meanwhile, the awareness of the public opinion of the germans continues to drive the process of structural transformation of the poultry sector. Apparently, consumers do not want to be accomplices of the plight of the birds and have already made clear they do not want eggs produced by hens caged. In fact, these practically not to be found in the supermarkets germans.

However, the hens maintained in cages produce yet close to the eight per cent of the eggs, according to the League for the protection of Animals. Where are you going to stop, if people don’t buy them? The answer is simple: they are used in pastas, baking mixes, or various other prepared products. For this reason, defenders of animals demand that it is clearly specified in the corresponding tags, so that also in this case the consumer can say the last word, in favor of the hens.

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