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The organizations that protect animals that work in the department have expressed concerns about the amount of poisoning of animals, especially dogs, in the last few weeks.

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Poisonings have been repeated in several points of the city

This has been registered both in the city of Sarandí del Yí as in neighborhoods of the city of Durazno, and, although still not have made the allegations, the concern has been raised before the members of the organizations referred to by the part of the citizenry.

In some cases, it is striking that the dogs are strays, which are often in public spaces and content by these organizations, which provide them with food and health care, although they are not their owners or holders. In others, it is about dogs that are loose, outside the premises of their homes, but they do have owners.

«The concern shown by those close to these types of situations is mainly for the danger it involves for the whole community, as a child or a person anyone can be affected by not knowing how to handle the animal poisoned, or the remains of the poison that may be in areas of public access,» said.

«There have been allegations, still, or, at least, we have not seen evidence of this, but the two cities have been concerned about this. We know that poisons can not be purchased freely, and that there are controls about the same, so it is striking that given this type of situations,» she added.
Complaints have come in person, or via text message to the members of the organizations in the two main cities of the department.

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