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Brandon, who we will call as well, was thrown Sunday at the road from a truck in the industrial area of Mamonal. Despavorido ran to reach the vehicle, but did not reach, since that disappeared quickly.

Disoriented, the dog breed Terrier, about 3 years old, he began to wander. It was found by asocial beat him, but was finally rescued by members of a club of pit bulls in Cartagena.

This is the case for hundreds of dogs in Colombia are seen as potentially dangerous, since it came into effect the new Code of Police which requires an insurance policy that covers damage to third parties, are being abandoned and killed, in machete, shot, by drowning or setting fire to, as it happened in Cumaral, Meta two weeks ago.

Panorama in Cartagena

In Cartagena, the situation has not reached to the end, but it is of concern to the authorities calls made daily citizens to Environmental Police, expressing wanting to surrender their dogs, especially pit bulls, to evade the purchase of this insurance of tort liability.

«Every day we are receiving between two and three calls. Some wonder where they get the policy and others who where to be given to the dogs in adoption,» said the commander of the Environmental Police, mayor Jaider Aguilar Rodriguez.

For the foundations of animals, this was not common in the city and ensure that they have increased the reports of this type of breeds of dogs abandoned. «In Cartagena was not normal to receive those calls. We have received eight reports, and less than a month ago was that started to govern the Code», noted the director of the Foundation’s Rescue for Animals, the Homeless, Ingrid Hernandez.

What says the standard

The requirement of a policy of non-contractual liability and the registration of this class of dogs to the Mayors is not a new thing. In 2002, it issued Law no. 746, which regulates the tenure of this type of animals. However, there was never enough to control the compliance of the same.

Now, in the Code, owners of dogs Pit Bull Terrier, Dobermans, Terriers, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, and other 8 breeds considered potentially hazardous, they must purchase this insurance.

The dilemma lies in the fact that even these policies do not get in the insurance, as confirmed by the Federation of Insurers of Colombia (Fasecolda), nor does it know the specifications or the value that would have. The Government has said that in six months, will regulate for the owners of these pets can acquire it. (Read:Policies for dogs «dangerous,» and still do not get it).

Once issued the conditions of the insurance, owners of these breeds will have no excuse to buy it. Those who don’t could face a fine of 32 SMMLV, that is to say, 786.898 weights.

In the Law 1801 July 29, 2016 of the Code of Police also requires that the canines do not come out without a muzzle, leash and a leash. Take them out to ride without the security elements is punishable with a fine of 8 Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wages (SMMLV).

Owners and animal concerned

Francisco Garcia Gates, the Founder and one of the club administrators Alliance Bull Cartagena, also expressed his fears that trigger the abandonment of these dogs once they determine the conditions of the policy, and start to demand to the owners. This, according to him, would sharpen the overpopulation of stray dogs in the city.

«We are concerned that many do not have the money to pay for a monthly policy, will not be able to get the dog or keep it at home and this is going to negatively impact on the conduct of the dog. This is going to cause the abandonment,» he said.

In the same sense, writes Mary Bonfante, of the humane Society, who also indicates that «the concern is greater because there is a census to determine the number of dog breeds ‘dangerous’ that is in the city so they could have more control. In addition, there is a shelter to take those that are decomisen by poor tenure.»

It is estimated that in Colombia every year, around 4,500 dogs are abandoned and about 6 thousand are euthanized.

Police already requires a muzzle and a leash

Although the implementation of the Code of Police is pedagogical and yet do not apply corrective measures with fines economic, Environmental Police already conducts patrols throughout the city to raise awareness to dog owners of a potentially dangerous about the importance of responsible ownership.

To date, we have visited parks, Manga, Bocagrande, Castle, fish pond, Relief, and Blas de Lezo, dictándoles talks to the owners about the use of a muzzle, leash and strap. Please note that you still may not require insurance against damage to third parties up to both the National Government does not regulate.

Census and hostel

The Law 1801 states that dogs must be registered at the town hall, where they were issued a card with the physical characteristics of the pet, the name and particulars of the owner. In addition, the cities will need to carry out a census to determine the number of dogs of this class that there is in the population.

What has made the Mayor of Cartagena about it?, the director of the Municipal Unit of Agricultural Technical Assistance (Umata), Gustavo Jiménez Sierra, said he would work hand-in-hand with the Governor so that the Center of Animal Welfare that the representative departmental Dumek Turbay, committed in July last year to build, is used to carry the dogs seized.

Also, he said that at the latest at the beginning of march would be starting the registration and census of the races of this type.

How the policy will be the assaults to human?

The most recent news of dog attacks pitbull in various regions of the country has ignited the debate between animalists, politicians and society in general, if the requirement of a policy, a muzzle and a leash it will end up with the problem of attacks on humans.

While some think that the attacks are subject to the way how to educate the canine, and others like Álvaro Múnera, a former bullfighter and a councillor animalistic Medellin, argue that all society is not prepared for the tenure of this type of pet, as many are used to guard pots of vice and other for profit with the ‘litters’ and fights. Very few people, according to him, they have responsibly. (Read: “dog attacks occur because of lack of education”: coaches).

«We must not breed a single dog more than these. There is to sterilize them all, because it is the only way to avoid ending up this way as are ending: killed and abandoned. It is necessary to prohibit the breeding of dogs of these breeds; this is to support the trade of animals, that often end up with the wrong people,» said the leader animalistic.

Meanwhile, dozens of owners are waiting with uncertainty for the Government to set the rules of the game insurance to be able to be with this type of races which contrary they call ‘potencialmete loving’.

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