The pre-Carnival beats with the kids in the neighborhoods – News Digital

The pre-Carnival beats with the kids in the neighborhoods - News Digital 1


Between the 26th and the 28th of February will be the edition 2017 of the traditional celebrations of Carnival in the immediate vicinity of the Cultural Center of the Andean. With the participation of 25 institutions, this year the key objective is to weigh the child, their rights and the family. The activities were developed from 19 to 24 hs. with free entry and free of charge.
As reported from the municipality, there will be a Carnival Theme that allows viewing the different traditions that live in the imagination of the riocuartenses. It should be noted that the groups are integrated in a 80 by guys, so this year will be the “Carnival of the Children, their Rights and the Family”.

Security measures
The under-Secretary of Culture, Diego Formía, stressed that in addition to the artistic programming own of the carnival, was also a wide operating infrastructure, and security “to be a feast of the family”.
“We leave the logic of the celebrations with alcohol until 4 in the morning. We will not sell alcohol or foam at the site and in the immediate vicinity. The shows are all family members and many of them are children,” he said.
The public will have three income to the sector of the carnival: one by the Boulevard Ameghino and Rivadavia; the other by Boulevard Ameghino and Humberto First, and the uitimo Boulevard Rock and Jorge Newbery. In the place mounted police control of depth, both in income as in the immediate vicinity, consisting of 75 police officers, which include cavalry, crew motorized forces and canine. The proximity of the housing to the step of the floats was one of the many issues that were taken into account for the layout and planning of the operational security.

Preventive Health
In the premises for the installation of 2 ambulances and a health post fixed to the side of the stage. In addition, it will protect especially the private sanatorium which is located at the end of the Boulevard Rock to preserve the tranquility of the internees. In that sense, it will be mounted a runner sanitary special that guarantees regular income to the emergency room.

The Participation of the Institutions
The edition 2017 of the Carnival include the participation of 25 institutions: Bolivian Community; Murga Mulatto Mulé; Academy Nassyra; Neighborhood Association North Garden; Community Centre Street Soccer; Community Center Small, and Giant; Neighborhood Association New Argentina; Community Centre Opening Dreams; Academy Sugar; Neighborhood Association Roque Sáenz Peña; Club Napeca; Community Center for The Neighborhood; Civil Association Maroma Percussion; Club Juan Bautista Alberdi; Academy Whim; Neighborhood Association casasnovas tenured; Community Center New Dawn; sikuris (panpipes) – Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments; Association Chain of Favors; Murga Kicking Toads; Neighborhood Association New Town Neighborhood Association Santa Rosa; Community Dining room Jesus Provider little hands Empty; Group Harmony; Neighborhood St. Paul; and by Opening Grooves.
It should be stressed that in this issue do not elect the queen or the best roleplay. “Don’t make the powers we allowed the institutions to work with a framework for more community-based and non-competitive,” said Formía. “We see carnival as a process and not a product. From this process emerged ideas, shared work forward”, he added.

In addition to the area of the parade groups and floats, were installed in courtyards of meals, area tours, fairs and the main stage.
Artistic Performances
– Sunday 26: the Carnival of The Children
Parades, Cookie, Cracker, and Canticuénticos.
– Monday 27th: Carnival Andean (NOA)
Parades, Mishky Motta, Capi Nieva and Sacha
– Tuesday 28: The Carnival River Plate
Murgas, Batucadas, Floats, Ache Tumbao, and the Band XXI.
Ride of the Carnival
From the area of visual arts the department of Culture is expected during the three days of carnival the ornamentation of the grounds in charge of the visual artists Edu Gattari and “Pinky” Coria, with the development and assembly of dolls and masks in large format.
In addition we will conduct a sample of photographs related to the carnival, dance and theatre, which will be mounted on the fence surrounding the “horseshoe” of the Andean. In that sense, is done in these days, a call to local photographers with the collaboration of “Leo” Fagiano.
Fairs Carnival
Fair Progress
Fair Rolling
Artisans fair
Plaza del Carnival
Located in front of the Shed White



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