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The protagonists of the adoption - El Universal (Venezuela) 1 To the naked eye, you see a woman, entrepreneur, mother and lover of animals. Without a doubt, it is perceived that during their childhood, Shia Bertoni, has felt love for any animal that he has made in his life. From a very young girl adopted 14 dogs and 16 cats that were in the street. And from that moment on, he became a protectionist of the animals, where the word adoption began to give life to their daily routines.

–How they got these pets in your life?

– My current animal family consists of three species. The most consensual is the Command, a cat in its past suffered from scabies and a leg wound. My son Alan and I found on a day of adoption where you could hear meows everywhere, but the child of four years captivated him the most sick. Three months of having been adopted, there was no trace of the ailments, and after eight years is a huge kitty with soft fur and behavior of a king.

Despite the loving care given by Command, when Alan turned seven years old he felt bereft of love perruno, his dream was a Jack Russell (the dog in the movie The Mask). That is why, I started to search for the can. I found in a shelter the puppy of six months and with a leg hurt. I did not hesitate to adopt her and I named Chiqui.

Then less than a year ago, came to cheer the Santa Teresa with my family, and suddenly, we see a kitten under a rubber of a truck, sucito and full of fat. My son without hesitation, grabbed it, and began to take care of. Was passing the time, and we encariñamos in such a way, that we got used to him, and gave him by name: Simba is the smallest of the house and has only 8 months.

And finally, I have three beautiful morrocoyes: Spike, Shio, and Perry. Two of these were on the verge of being cooked in a Hurry. They are located in a space very comfortable designed for them.

–How do you manage to have good manners and a good behavior?

–It took several months for the puppy to learn good manners and leave the antics, his behavior was the sequel of a lot of mistreatment. I applied perseverance and patience to educate children. And, to avoid squabbles, since his arrival, I had to share the spaces of the home with Command. Today all the animals distributed their friendship with the morrocoyes, play with each other and are so cool, they share the drinker of the water.

–How is incorporated into all of your pets in your work agenda?

–Very easy to. When I’m busy with all the media (Radio and Television), the task is not difficult because I wake up very early in the morning to make everything ready: their food, their water, collect their feces, down to Chiqui, and so to have everything in harmony. When you really love them don’t cause any problem.

–Any anecdote highlights of your pets?

–There are so many, but at least I have come to the house and I see Simba under chiqui, and suddenly, at the same instant you see Command, licking the bottom of chiqui, as if it were their gatico. The cats with the morrocoy is the lead of wonder. It is the environment that I did, that allows all to be treated as brothers, and to me, they are wonderful moments that will make the day.

–When you travel you leave them with someone?

– If I travel in Venezuela will almost always try to go to inns where they accept animals. For example, I always go to Posada Margot because they have a comfortable environment for the pets. And if I can’t wear them, my mother supports me in the care of all of my zoo.

–What do you recommend to all those people who wish to acquire a pet?

– In principle, you have to love truth. The animals are not a decoration for the home, they require patience, love and a lot of understanding. Not the atosiguen, are beings that require your space and your care. And I make you an invitation to adopt, since currently there are so many people who abandoned these helpless animals. We must be citizens with good conscience in the care of the same.

–How important are pets in the life of a child?

– It is a wonderful decision for every parent. Put a pet in the life of any child, is to teach the love of another, and not only himself. So the selfishness is just because the aid to be more original and authentic.

–What allies you have for the care of your pets?

– Currently, I have the support of Maxi Pets, coincidentally, we just opened the store in the Bello Monte, and beyond the commercial, there are two women entrepreneurs who were passionate about animals as me. Are willing to provide help to all the foundations that need it, they have excellent prices, and very accessible; give you options and teach you how to prepare food for them in your home.

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